ELKEST – “Relearn”

 ELKEST – “Relearn”

Artistic & insightful stuff from artist ELKEST on the brand-new single “Relearn” – words of wisdom come at ya from all angles onscreen, designed to make an impact on each & every one of us listening & watching.  Reaching into important social issues and ultimately aiming to inspire with an observant plan of action where “we will fight and grow” – ELKEST proves that he’s not about to take the disintegration of our planet lightly and invites us all to join in the battle to save it.  Not only do the lyrics hit their intended target right on-point, but musically, this artist has created a genuinely epic soundscape to back up the boldness you’ll find in the vocals.  You factor in the absolutely stellar visuals and lyric-video supporting “Relearn” – and you really have to admire how powerful the entire experience becomes – it’s a thought-provoking tune that not only makes us question what we know, but also points us in the direction of how we could potentially fix it all.  Now it’s time for us to “Relearn” and do things right – and thankfully, we’ve got artists as strong as ELKEST who are ready to lead the way to victory.  Check out this highly progressive & forward-thinking single for yourself – click play on “Relearn” below!

Find out more about ELKEST from the official pages below!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/elkest_official

Music Multi-Link:  https://ampl.ink/ge3vZ

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