Ejima – “Bail It”

 Ejima – “Bail It”

Ejima – “Bail It” – Single Review

How cool is this?

I’ve seen & heard quite a bit throughout my time…but I can’t honestly recall a situation where I’ve ever run into a project or band that consisted of two identical twins!  Even more rare – they’re both equally talented…an audible double-threat of entertainment and/or twice the fun you’d normally get here in review – you’re welcome.

Beautifully inviting sound too – the new Ejima single has impressively vibrant dynamics that build the foundation of this unique beat & music that supplies the smooth flow of energy on “Bail It.”  As to which of the two twins is doing what when it comes to the vocals…I honestly couldn’t tell ya who is who – and I think that actually adds quite a bit to the mystique & magic of the music they’re making.  I’m sure at their core, as individuals, they definitely have their own personalities – but here in music, they’re nearly interchangeable…no matter who seems to be at the microphone, the sweet sounds come through radiantly.  Really clever additions in the backing vocal layers and harmonies as well help bring the words & emotions of this tune to the surface…Ejima has structured this perfectly to build throughout its progression, continually enticing our ears in by subtly adding more to the sound along the experience.

If you look into their websites, social-media & what-not, you’ll see they’ve grown up influenced by incredible artists from the essentials of R&B, like TLC, Michael Jackson, and Missy Elliot.  I think that’s important to note…because I felt like you can hear that classic respect for the genre in the way that Ejima approaches the vocals on “Bail It.”  Equally valid and important to note however, is the line in their bio that mentions ‘fans of leading-edge R&B…’ – because I think that’s not just a clever statement or promotional line, I actually think that’s true when it comes to the twins here.  I don’t think the beat & sound of “Bail It” is typical at all…but I do think it’s tremendously unique, fresh, and exceptionally appealing for the right here & now of our world.  Being a leader ain’t about following what the rest have done – you can borrow an influence or two and that’s almost always a great thing – but at the end of the day, you’ve gotta leave your own identifiable stamp on it, you feel me?  So…while it might cause you to chuckle at the fact that you might not be able to tell these two singers apart in sight or sound from each other – when it comes to what else is out there in music surrounding them, they’re already firmly on their way to establishing their own identity.  I feel like after listening to “Bail It” that I could definitely recognize Ejima if I heard them on the radio…and a track like this, to me, is certainly an indication that there’s a great chance that could happen at any given time.  There is an undeniable hole in R&B right now that exists between what’s nearly easy-listening from the old-school classics to the way over-the-top flashiness that tends to forget the essential sweetness & sincerity that the music of that genre truly requires to connect to listeners out there…and that might be the place where Ejima can exist & thrive.  I hear a lot on “Bail It” that tells me they’re going to find out the audience for their music, sound, & style, is probably even larger than their wildest expectations…every moment of this single flows so fluidly, both the vocals and music display great harmony & balance…I think it’ll definitely connect with the people out there.  Quite honestly, as much as I loved the vocals in Ejima, I kept coming back to just how excellent the music was as well…the stars remain the stars of course, but you really do notice just how unique the sound is and how well it suits their style.  Great mix, great performances, great production – I didn’t hear a thing worth complaining about when it came to “Bail It” – fans of R&B will eat this up.  Exceptional transitions from the verse to chorus on this cut takes this track to the next level it deserves; the twins sing with skill and style, they keep it classy and graceful & they really let their combined talents shine on “Bail It” as they sing about the essential ingredients of R&B – classic & timeless themes of life & love – from their own perspective.  It’s audibly enticing on a modern-day level & respectful to the roots of what’s made the genre fantastic throughout the years…Ejima’s got great control, energy, & soul on display at all times in the chilled-out vibes of their stunning new single.

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