Djo Life – “The Cactus Song”

 Djo Life – “The Cactus Song”

C’mon people – how awesome is this guy?  If the killer style in this dude’s hat, glasses, & OUTSTANDING BEARDAGE didn’t tip you off already, I’d wager a bet that by looks alone you can probably always expect something…unique…from this artist – and we dig that here!  Djo Life is back for the second time this month with a new single/video…this time with a poignant & endearing love song – heartbreaking at times even…and yes, it’s about a cactus.  Don’t go pretending like you haven’t fallen for one of these exceptionally spiky botanicals before…you know you love’em too!  But what’s often not examined…hell…this might be all new terrain here…is just how painful that experience can truly be when you love a plant so much and can’t even hold it without it trying to kill you through slow blood loss…and hey, you gotta give credit to Djo Life for unearthing these emotions & powerful feelings through this melancholy melody.  Okay it’s madness!  It’s insanity maybe!  And obviously much more fun than I’m letting on.  Besides, we all gotta write about SOMETHING right?  Why NOT a cactus?  If you can write a naturally catchy cut like Djo Life can, there’s no reason at all you can’t delve into the craziest ideas to go with it – that’s a perfect way to embrace the art at the same time as standing out from the rest of what’s out there in a way that’s highly memorable.  And who knows – maybe you’ll relate to this bizarre love song even more than you know!  Find out more about yourself by clicking the killer new whiteboard-animation video for Djo Life’s new single “The Cactus Song” below!

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