Djo Life – “Anytime, Every Time”

 Djo Life – “Anytime, Every Time”

Over the past several years of being at sleepingbagstudios, questions about lyric-videos have come our way more times that you’d possibly imagine – what makes them good?  What makes them great?  What makes them stand out to people?

And you know…in nearly six full years of answering those questions repeatedly, my answer has ALWAYS been the same – it’s the lyrics folks.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly helps a ton when they come out sincerely entertaining to watch as well like you’ll find in the new video for “Anytime, Every Time” by Djo Life – but in my heart of hearts, I still have to believe what makes this entire experience worthwhile is the sheer fact that he’s written his words with an authentically heartfelt, artistic & poetic style that deserve to be absorbed.  Djo Life clearly has a genuine gift for songwriting, he’s an artist with impressive & expressive lyrics…just listen to how these words flow together.  In the world of ‘what makes a great lyric video’ – it’s all about being able to see exactly what is being sung onscreen and, when it’s done right like “Anytime, Every Time” – it also helps appreciate how those words move & interact together, especially when they’re crafted as well as they have been on this new song from Djo Life.  Fantastic melody all around with an honest, humble & real sound –  you get solid hooks in both verse & chorus, soulful & passionate vocals…it’s all here – check it out for yourself below!

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