Chaney The Gyft – “Black Power”

 Chaney The Gyft – “Black Power”

Representing for Black History Month – rapper Chaney The Gyft pays tribute to the true leaders of the Black community, dropping knowledge bombs & important social commentary throughout the rhythm & rhymes found on his latest single “Black Power.”  You can hear the respect this emcee has for those that have paved the way for him to entertain the people & live his life the way he does today – but at the same time, Chaney The Gyft has also put together an insightful reminder that all progress is fragile and it needs to be protected – especially in today’s world, more than ever before.  Making multiple shout-outs to important historical figures and icons along the way through “Black Power” and showing them onscreen in the brand-new video supporting it, Chaney The Gyft proves that he’s using his platform for the greater good by raising awareness & paying homage to the greatest among us.  It’s the kind of cut the planet can benefit from hearing right now – and full respect to this emcee for taking time to appreciate history, proudly examine the impact of its major contributors & those that have changed the game, AND provide us with a solid cut that’s easily just as entertaining to listen to as it is informative.  You’ll wanna bump this track loud y’all – and in the process, you might just learn a thing or two at the same time – definitely an excellent combo between the single/video and a noteworthy performance by the main man on the mic – have a look & a listen to the new single “Black Power” by Chaney The Gyft below!

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