Celiane The Voice – “Why Can’t You?”

 Celiane The Voice – “Why Can’t You?”

Celiane The Voice – “Why Can’t You?” – Single Review

Alrighty…so…according to the notes I’ve got here, a lil’ bit of the ol’ research, and several spins of Celiane The Voice’s single “Why Can’t You?” – seems to me that she’s not just busting out another new song here, she’s in the midst of creating a whole new genre to support it, Electronic Hip-HOpera.

Now…first of all, that sounds cool right?  Electronic Hip-HOpera has a rad ring to it.  You can read in Celiane’s bio that this particular style she’s carving out for herself in music includes and incorporates multiple genres in the mix like R&B, Soul, Dubstep, Electronica, Pop & more – but make no mistake ladies & gentlemen, what The Voice is bringing through your speakers is Electronic Hip-HOpera.

Of course, words can only go so far when it comes to describing music, mine included.  It’s when you hear a transition from a dreamy opening sequence like how “Why Can’t You?” begins and then radically shifts into incredible electro-infused low-end sound that completely steers the idea in a whole new direction from anywhere near where you think this song might be going at first.  That’s the moment where you realize that Electronic Hip-HOpera has got something special in the mix for ya – right around the thirty-five second mark, this track springs to life almost completely out of left field and makes an impact through a sonic surprise to remember.  Like there’s just zero doubt about the impact that this moment in “Why Can’t You?” creates – the kind of switch so strong it’ll snap everyone to attention.

Just before that first minute is up, the vibe will shift again to a smooth & chill beat to create the opportunity for Celiane The Voice to work her magic – and she does an exceptional job on this song.  I think she’s done a noteworthy job in the lead…you can hear the confidence in her vocals and her tone is 100% on-point throughout the entire song when she’s on her own, and the harmonies in the chorus came out sounding truly fantastic…she’s got a warm, enticing, & inviting sound…she’s all that & more.  Lyrically, I think she’s got something that fits this vibe strongly, has a wonderfully empowering thread that runs through this track that also displays a range of emotions as Celiane asks the ultimate question in the hooks, “Why Can’t You?”  Don’t get me wrong, I never profess to know exactly what an artist is writing or singing about entirely…but I think from what I’m getting out of “Why Can’t You?” it’s probably a story of unrequited love in some form.  Like how in a relationship one side can appreciate the other person more than the other person does…and you end up feeling like “Why Can’t You?” see things the same way or “Why Can’t You?” feel the same way and be on that same page at the same time, feel me?  Like it all might be occurring from a distance further than that, before a relationship even happens and that admiration & love for a person is something expressed from one side & never returned from the other, more as in “Why Can’t You?” love me back kind of thing.  There could be a few theories as to when a storyline like this occurs between two people – I think the second verse goes on to reveal that there is some history there for sure, and that yearning in Celiane’s voice as she openly questions what love is all about on this single definitely reveals some of the pain in her soul from this experience as well.  She’s done an excellent job of making this moment real to us as listeners, and she’s created a single that continually connects through an ambitious & creative song structure and endlessly soulful vocals.  I felt like the final verse of “Why Can’t You?” reveals the most empowering parts of the writing and delivered that payoff & conclusion that great songwriting should have – there’s an ending to this story she’s singing about here, and it’s one that reveals her confidently moving forward for all the right reasons.

Like I was saying…it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what’s in the hearts & minds of every artist on every song out there…but I think I’m close in my assessment of “Why Can’t You?”  What I do know for a fact is that Celiane The Voice sings this song with flawless tone, tremendous confidence, and hooks that land successfully…and that the music she’s got goin’ on with it will easily keep you equally entertained.  She might just be onto something special with this Electronic Hip-HOpera thang y’all…she certainly sounds inspired to me, I’ll tell ya that – she radiates energy & soul on the mic.  We’ll have to all keep an eye & an ear on this artist and check out the moves she’s making with the ground she’s breaking in the future to follow.

Find out more about Celiane The Voice at her official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/celianeWML

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