Brooke Surgener – “I Hate You The Least”

 Brooke Surgener – “I Hate You The Least”

Brooke Surgener – “I Hate You The Least” – Single Review

Can I just say how I love that the artwork for this single came labeled with “I Hate You Spotify?”  I’m pretty sure if you try to log into my account right at this very moment that’s probably my password there.  Oh the things that catch my attention I tellz ya!

*crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrack.  Man I’d hate it if Brooke had to drink alone, so I’ve got myself a cold one here.  Alright…whatever…it’s my third or fourth oversized IPA…but if I can still type and think, I figure I’m OK.

Here’s what I can tell ya…for real…I have a memory for music much better than most, but even I forget half of ya.  Things move at such a rapid pace in the independent scene that I listen to something, and I’m probably straight onto whatever the next thing is…and that’s purely because I WANT to hear things as much as I can…good lord knows if I was one of my peers I’d listen once and call it a day.  Anyhow…the point is…I might forget a large number of artists/bands now that I’m getting older…I might remember a few more that stand out for all the right reasons – and then there are artists like Brooke Surgener here, whereby I’ll never, ever forget their name or stop playing their music.  I knew we’d tapped into something special, earlier in the year back in February when I reviewed a single called “Gimme Gimme.”  She seemed to defy all the odds & exceed all expectations…and without question, put out one of my favorite songs of 2022.  What else can I say other than I’ve been doing this whole music thang for so long that I’m no stranger to what special sounds like when I hear it, as rare as it might be…Brooke had a magic that most just don’t have, and I knew it would only be a matter of time before her music and my ears crossed paths once again.  She’s got the magic, and the gift of an inherent connection to music that most artists would kill for.

“I Hate You The Least” not only sounds freakin’ fantastic, it also confirms that she’s my sister from another mister…I swear Brooke and I have a ton in common attitude-wise and maybe even more in common when it comes to our twisted sense of humor and what probably makes us laugh.  I feel like life is generally a competition on who I hate the least…heck, that’s practically how I determined that I should marry my wife if I’m being truthful…I pretty much hate something in everybody, but I never found anything to hate about her.  So do I understand how Brooke goes about determining her choice of company for the night?  Hellz yes I do!  As far as I’m concerned, she’s got a great head on her shoulders and she’s using the right criteria…”I Hate You The Least” should be the standard rule for hanging out with someone…you could be one of those ‘I love you the most’ type people, but chances are, if that’s the case, you’re not nearly as critical and observant as you should be.  Most people you’ll ever meet, when observed under the microscope are freakin’ ROUGH man…and you’re honestly much better off by scrutinizing the crowd the way Brooke is…go by who you hate the least, chances are, that’ll be exactly who you actually get along with BEST – make sense?  I know it does to my homie Surgener here, am I right?  *clinks glass.  Heck yeah lady-friend…keep them standards up, to keep the shittiest people OUT.

Anyhow.  To say I wasn’t surprised that I loved Brooke’s new song would be to put it mildly…this lady has the magic, straight up.  I feel like she just gets it, you know?  Y’all regular readers know that if I had something to say, I’d say it – but there’s not a thing I’d change about the way she approaches her music and nothing I think she could potentially do any better than she’s already doin’ it.  She’s got a natural star quality to her onscreen, a fantastic voice that is stunningly unique, and a connection to melody that simply can’t be faked – I’m a genuine fan.  I don’t just hate her the least, I genuinely love the way she makes music and feel like this is an independent artist that every single one of you should be paying attention to.  Great video, great song…she’s got a classic beauty and a new-age grace to her, and if she keeps up the quality she’s been rocking with, she’s gonna make it to the top of your playlists before you know it.  She reminds me a lot of Maria Taylor…or Maria Taylor’s work in Azure Ray…and if you’re familiar with either of those names, trust me, you know what beautiful music truly sounds like, and you’ll be thrilled that another artist can be mentioned in the same sentence in comparison.  Brooke’s got the vibe, she’s got the material, she’s got the professionalism hidden inside her artistic nature that keeps everything perfectly indie, yet tightly put together in a way that could take her straight to the top without having to lose an ounce of her street cred or authentically unpretentious, absolutely cool vibe.  Love the video, love the song…I not only remain a raving lunatic fan, but can’t wait for her new album.

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