Brooke Surgener – “Gimme Gimme”

 Brooke Surgener – “Gimme Gimme”

Brooke Surgener – “Gimme Gimme” – Single Review

You shall find no complaints from me here today – Brooke Surgener is well on her way to great things.

“Gimme Gimme” is a single that essentially has all the right ingredients for a major hit tune, and it’s definitely an indication of the massive future that Brooke has ahead of herself if this is a genuine sample of the quality in the cuts she’s rockin.’  There’s a ton of things to be impressed by about this tune, and not the least of which, is the sensational voice & personality she brings to a single like “Gimme Gimme.”

I’ll admit…before I’d pushed play, I did kind of brace myself.  Keep in mind, I’ve listened to a few tunes in my lifetime at this point…all I’m saying is that I saw the title and pretty much knew at some point I’m gonna come across “Gimme Gimme” in the hooks…it was really just a matter of how this scenario was going to play out in real-time.  The reality of actually pushing play however, revealed something entirely different – there’s a whole lot of substance & insightful lyricism to go along with the shimmering hooks and catchy sing-along chorus…Brooke had me at hello, long before we came anywhere close to the main aspects of what makes her new song as memorable as it is.  As an artist, you can hear the focus and how she’s locked in to giving this single everything it truly needed…like, absolutely no detail has been overlooked here, and the results become every bit as much fun as they are endearing & entertaining.  It’s a real dose of sparkling Pop…but there’s dimension & depth in the music too…that hint of Rock & Indie vibes…the warm & soulful tones that Surgener sings with…it’s kind of like a cross between the early days of The Strokes with Brooke’s Julian-esque swagger, and something a bit more fantastical in sound…like The Cardigans during the Gran Turismo era…and yet still nothing like either at all.  It’s somewhere in the middle of all that, without being too much of any one thing.  Like if you’d asked me what the target audience was here realistically, I’d tell ya that Brooke is guaranteed to be pure gold for anyone out there under twenty, but I think what’s going go on to surprise many people out there is how accessible the energy she puts out is & how equally irresistible it becomes quickly on “Gimme Gimme.”

She ain’t no stranger to entertainment though…make no mistake, you’re listening to someone that was born destined for the spotlight and been rockin’ confidently since she was about ten years old according to her bio online…and you can see how Brooke’s career has been on a majorly upward trajectory over these past four years or so.  Really, all I can do from here is provide FURTHER confirmation to what is certainly no secret to anyone that has had the privilege & honor of hearing her sing – Brooke’s has the X-factor, 100%.  There’s just nothing about this tune that’s not completely on-point and on-target – the sheer professionalism of Brooke Surgener as an artist is something to behold on its own I tell ya, and there’s not a note or tone you’ll find coloring even slightly outside of the lines here when it comes to the performance, writing, or production.  “Gimme Gimme” sparkles and shines with its tale of desperately seeking love despite the odds…it’s an empowering anthem of going after what it is you really want and holding nothing back.  Brooke’s performance on the mic radiates the want, passion, and burning desire to be loved…the vibe of “Gimme Gimme” is relentlessly spirited & upbeat…all-in-all, it’s going to check a whole lotta boxes for a whole lotta people out there and find a real nice home at the top of playlists.  You can clap & sing along loud & proud if you wanna, you can appreciate a track like this for the fact that it’s got even more substance than you might expect underneath the spectacularly glossy surface and dreamy stylistic vibes…Brooke’s bridging a gap that not many artists out there are capable of taking on.  She’s found a great way to express what she truly wants to say & how she wants to say it, and she’s still found a way to completely captivate the masses and charm their socks off just by listening to her sing – you add in the fact that she clearly knows her way around what makes a hook connect & be memorable, her fearlessness as a performer…I’m just sayin’ y’all – Brooke Surgener is gonna be a household name.

“Gimme Gimme” comes out officially on March 1st this year – make sure to keep Brooke on your radar & circle the date!  Find out more about her at Brooke’s official website:

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