BluesySpiritual Chris – “Grinning In Your Face”

 BluesySpiritual Chris – “Grinning In Your Face”

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BluesySpiritual Chris, a seventeen year-old Blues/Gospel singer based out of Italy, has got a wildly expressive voice that’s got the spirit & soul you’re looking for.  Seriously impressive performance on this cover of the original song “Grinnin’ In Your Face” by Son House – hearing how BluesySpiritual Chris fearlessly goes after such electrifying & demanding vocal-tones and delivers them all so confidently…it’s plenty clear that this artist is already advanced well-beyond his years on earth and is excelling in his craft.  He’s got a level of raw natural talent that you truly don’t witness this early on in a musician’s career all that often – and while it might still be very beginning of BluesySpiritual Chris’ career, the powerful connection you’ll hear between his vocals and the vibe of “Grinning In Your Face” is a massive indication that this cat’s got the authentic soul/sound/style/swagger of a real Blues artist that can embrace music’s culture and make it relevant for today.  Excited to see where he’ll take his career in the future for sure – at seventeen, the world is still his oyster, as they say – this LIVE cover and the other videos/songs he’s posting up online this year are definitely the start of a really great thing, BluesySpiritual Chris has an exceptional voice made for music.

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