Baugarn – “Spaceship”

 Baugarn – “Spaceship”

If there’s one thing that’s become crystal clear over these past twenty-four hours on our pages, it’s that Sweden has absolutely got the vibe goin’ on right now!  From what we’d experienced earlier on today with the music of Isaac Elton, to this new track here tonight by Baugarn called “Spaceship” – it’s completely apparent to anyone out there listening that these inspired Electro-inclined artists from Sweden on the front-lines of modern digital times are straight from the top-shelf when it comes to quality, and loaded with vibrant sound designed for everyone to enjoy.

From the clever use of ambient nature in the mix, to the neon appeal of the 3D sound surrounding you, Baugarn expertly combines an emotional vocal melody with highly dynamic music that’s structured to deliver a powerful, moving, and genuinely catchy single that’ll hit listeners right in the soul as it sends them straight to the dancefloor at the same time.  Energetic & upbeat when it’s called for, dialed-back and low-key when the melody deserves its own moment in the spotlight – Baugarn shows completely impressive instincts in how to go about entertainin’ ya 100% with sensory sound and meaningful music.

Climb aboard for an audio voyage that’s truly expressive, cleverly exploratory, & authentically addictive.  Baugarn gives your ears everything they could possibly want from the music in the mix, to the sweet hooks on display in the vocals, and also keeps those eyeballs of yours enjoyin’ what they see as well in the lyric video supporting the brand-new single “Spaceship” in the process.  Covering all the angles to ensure our universal entertainment & thorough enjoyment – Baugarn is rocking a completely relevant sound with a refreshing & bright sonic dose of melodic hooks that are guaranteed to catch your interest & attention…and perhaps more importantly, retain it securely.  “Spaceship” reveals the passionate style of Electro-House at its most endearing & enthralling – Baugarn’s got a genuine gift for composition, structure, and sound-selection that stands out for all the right reasons.  Proving that the sky isn’t even the limit for talent, execution, and ideas like this – “Spaceship” takes you on a ride you’ll sincerely want to stay on from beginning to end, and the moment it stops, you’ll want to start it up all over again.

Check it out for yourself and click on Baugarn’s stellar brand-new single/video for “Spaceship” below!

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