Isaac Elton – “Bottom Of The Sea”

 Isaac Elton – “Bottom Of The Sea”

Take a lesson out of Isaac Elton’s playbook y’all – there’s never a bad time to promote a great song!  Doesn’t matter if it came out in the 60s, last week, or in 2017 when “Bottom Of The Sea” was originally released – if you’ve got something as awesome as this single & video are, don’t stop until the whole world takes notice!  Isaac’s done an exceptional job from start to finish on the stunning design and ultra-sleek flow of the music you’ll find on “Bottom Of The Sea” – and combined with the stylistically slick video & visuals he’s got supporting it, you better believe he’s racked up tens of thousands of hits & views on what is unquestionably a single-worthy cut.  The colorization & stellar edits in the video are as equally spectacular as the professional precision in his production and remarkable ear for sound – “Bottom Of The Sea” is the kind of single you can’t help but be impressed with after just one spin, and everything you’ll see & hear will have you coming back for a whole lot more.  Flexing visual neon vibes and the finesse of a true pro on the decks, the highly addictive fusion of style & sound on “Bottom Of The Sea” is straight-up irresistible in every way you can think of – check out what this Electro-House wizard is capable of for yourself and listen to Isaac Elton below!

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