Alisa Chirco – “Give Me More”

 Alisa Chirco – “Give Me More”

Alisa Chirco – “Give Me More” – Single Review

It was just a couple months back when we were first introduced to the music of Alisa Chirco through the single/video for her song “Box” – which I went on to rant & rave about here at the pages in review.  She’s clearly revving up the recording machines over there and making moves with her music in 2018; Alisa’s back already with another killer single that offers a different glimpse into her world of sound.

So let it be said…I really liked what I saw & heard in “Box” quite a bit; and the standards are high now.  What I liked about Alisa’s new single was that I felt like it challenged me…almost dared me to like it by comparison to the previous cut we had heard – don’t get me wrong, the beat & music immediately pull a person right into her latest jam – but it was also that noticeable glitz & gloss polish on this cut that hinted quickly that this whole experience was going to be much different from the last we had.  Never a problem, never anything wrong with doing that, at the very least, not here at these pages; that being said, it still takes an adjustment on the listener’s side of the speakers to adapt to what she’s doing here.  “Box” dove deep into a brilliant concept and set of powerful emotions – not only did she find success in doing so, but she really won that battle by adding so much of her own personal thoughts & feelings into a stunning & single-worthy tune.  “Give Me More” is arguably just as brilliant – but in a completely different way – and I think that’s what threw me off a little at the beginning of when I first started listening to this cut; Alisa wasn’t dialing back here, she was surging forward with a revitalized approach.  Sure it happens to be in what’s probably to be considered a more surface-level dance/party-vibe here, but when it comes to the overall quality of how she sings & her music, you can’t really say she hasn’t put in the effort, know what I mean?  Just because a track might not dig as deep emotionally or thematically as a previous single might, it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s nothing here to listen to – quite the opposite, there’s tons to listen to – a track like “Give Me More” just purely offers a different side of her style, sound, & personality, that’s all – again, there definitely ain’t nothing wrong with that.  The powerful mix of low-end rhythm, big dynamic synth swells, tight beat and uplifting vibe that “Give Me More” is bound to pull in a whole new crowd of fans to Chirco’s music, in addition to those that have already come along with her from loving what she’s previously released – and that’s what you want as an artist.  You want your music to have that chance to appeal to as many people as possible – of course!  And if you play your cards right, they’ll be willing to go with you as you change, evolve, and refine your music over time…maybe even morph or transition to something completely different, or simply look to challenge yourself as an artist even more by branching out creatively – bottom line is, when you do it with passion, focus, and heart – your fans will be right there by your side as you try whatever it is you want to next with your music, just like they will be with Alisa here.  I love the build of the opening verse and think she comes out sounding strong right from the beginning, summoning even more power to deliver the dynamic sparkle in the charismatically-charged chorus – no issues when it comes to Alisa’s vocals and I think they audibly get better & better throughout this song from beginning to end as the vibe takes hold & she confidently steps into the spotlight of the brightest moments of “Give Me More.”  Full of exceptional tone and bold notes that lead to big hooks that connect – Alisa puts in another solid & stunning performance once again on her latest single…and I can think of a ton of you out there that’ll be stoked to turn this danceable jam right up to the rafters to get that Friday night party vibe flowin.’

So do I like “Give Me More?”  Yeah!  Will you?  For sure!  For different reasons that we were digging “Box?”  Yes!  All of us?  Probably!  And that’s more than okay – that’s a great thing ultimately in the long-term of a career; Alisa Chirco’s got plenty of talent and plenty of options for her music and where she can take it over the years to come.  As to where she will and what she chooses to do – that’s perhaps more of a mystery now with the release of this new single – but in my opinion, it’s another excellent reason to be following along with this vibrant singer/songwriter as she continues to blaze her own trail and make music she’s truly stoked to create.  Ultimately, we can always hear that passion in the performances Alisa puts in – as a result, I’ll always look forward to whatever she comes up with next.

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