Alexia Trif – “Still In Love”

 Alexia Trif – “Still In Love”

It’s always awesome to have the privilege of featuring an artist or band on their way to the top, and that certainly seems to be the case for singer/songwriter Alexia Trif right now!  The trajectory upwards is visibly clear…on Christmas of 2018, she put out her version of “Angels We Have Heard On High” to celebrate the holidays; taking in her first taste of success on the internet, it’s gone on to rack up nearly ten thousand views since – and you might even say this is all before things started to get really serious.

In 2019, she signed a record deal with Blue Sound Records Limited…and her career has continued to skyrocket from there on.  She released her debut original track “Hidden” in the same year – and that cut has already more than doubled the amount of views that her Christmas cover created, going on to secure more than twenty-five thousand hits and establishing Alexia firmly within the music-scene.  Back with a brand-new track for 2020, she’s now released her new single/video for “Still In Love,” it’s clear that her success is no fluke – Alexia’s latest song has already amassed an astonishing more-than thirty-five thousand hits since it was posted to the internet on Valentine’s Day this year.  You read that correctly – that was only a couple of weeks back and “Still In Love” is scorching its way up to 40K – incredible!  That’s the kind of confirmation you want as an artist for sure…everything is on the way up & clearly the people out there are paying attention, with Alexia fully on their radar, rocking their playlists.

Obviously it’s an exciting time for the Romania-born, London-based artist.  Alexia Trif has got a solid amount of momentum and passion on her side, and she’s got the confidence it takes to put her talent to use.  She’s also got noteworthy talent as both a singer & songwriter, which she’ll fully reveal to ya through her new single & video for “Still In Love.”  With exceptional technique & tone that she’s honed from professional lessons that have led her to numerous awards for her music already – Alexia is making moves that count, seizing the moment, and pushing her career towards the next level.  Through her stylistic, Britney-esque vocals, and the bold mix of emotions in her lyrics that combine into the highly memorable hooks of her latest single, Alexia Trif proves she has everything it takes to succeed in music.

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