Month: <span>February 2017</span>

Sault – Seeds Of Power Preview

Sault – Seeds Of Power Singles – Album Preview Let me first start by saying it’s tough to fool the guy that’s been reviewing music as long and as frequently as I’ve been.  Impossible to read about the formation of Sault coming together from members of other bands called Kamelot and Arcanium, read a title […]Read More

SBS Podcast 024

Tying the record for our longest-running version of our music-podcast so far – check out the latest episode featuring music from Carry Illinois, Souleye, Blackout Lights, Sonificade, Sevencore, TKO, Trevino and Chames – also featuring brand-new cuts from Life In A Tree and Kédence!  Find out what we’ve been up to at SBS that’s been […]Read More

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – “10/23”

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – “10/23” – Single Review Come one, come all!  The circus tent is up…the elephants & trapeze are to your left…right this way ladies & gentlemen, please keep it moving…that’s right, plenty of room for all…strongman to your right sirs and madams, please watch your step…all-new performance from the […]Read More

Rhyme Selektah – “Hopes”

You can see that the calculated steps Rhyme Selektah are taking are ones that add up to success.  Everything from the official website, to social media, music and videos – from what we can both see & hear, Rhyme Selektah is clearly putting in the work & effort required to make it all stand-out.  The […]Read More

Randy Steele – Songs From The Suck

Randy Steele – Songs From The Suck – Album Review Put your jug and washboard down for a moment and put your hands together to give it up for Randy Steele ladies and gentlemen!  Achieving the impossible…he’s constructed a country/folk/bluegrass record that didn’t make me want to off myself even in the slightest – in […]Read More

Race To Neptune – Oh Contraire

Race To Neptune – Oh Contraire – Album Review Long before I even got into this review-writing racket, I was convinced beyond doubt that you could in fact, judge music by its cover and have your assumptions confirmed 99% of the time.  I’m not saying that a record, tape or cd needed to have the […]Read More

0169 – West My Friend Album III

When we first met West My Friend in 2013, we met a slightly different lineup with Adam on the bass and their opening act Brett Wildeman with them as well; we had a great chat with the folk-band from Vancouver Island but we didn’t get a chance to see them play that time around as […]Read More

Tjoe Man Cheung

Interview with Tjoe Man Cheung! SBS:  Hello and welcome to our pages Tjoe!  I’ve spent my past couple days looking into your music and what you’ve been up to…and MAN you have definitely been busy for the past while with all kinds of projects on the go.  Before we get into all that though…I’m curious […]Read More

Free From Gravity – Step In To The Sunlight

Free From Gravity – Step In To The Sunlight – Album Review It’s actually pretty rare to stumble onto an album as whole, inoffensive and chilled-out as this new album Step In To The Sunlight from the UK’s Free From Gravity is.  I was of two-minds when it came to examining these songs from their […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 059

Come and get some! All new all music episode of SBS Live This Week featuring videos/music from Macedo, Paul The Trombonist, Phillip Foxley, Dave Wirth, The Sunless Sea, Blackout Lights and Zeeb? – also a feature spotlight on the electro-music of M.V.A.!Read More