Month: <span>February 2017</span>

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles Review Is Melvin Fromm Jr. outworking the rest of you out there?  While it’s a certainty that he’s not about to create a five-minute long song or anything even beyond half that length…while you’re working on perfecting that next seven or eight-minute long opus, just keep in mind that Melvin […]Read More

0168 – The Pit (Live @ The Media Club 2013)

Our hairy heroes from The Pit put on one of the most memorable shows we’ve ever seen in the first time we’d ever even had a chance to see them play live outside our own studio at The Media Club in Vancouver.  Absolute rock-chaos and it cemented our bro-love for this band beyond words.  Great […]Read More

Kédence – “Making Up”

Kédence – “Making Up” – Single Review Cadence Definition:  A modulation or inflection of the voice, also a sequence of notes of chords comprising the close of a musical phrase. Kédence Definition:  A powerful new singer in R&B/Soul/Pop that makes incredible use of the modulation or inflection in her voice. You might know her by […]Read More

MiXE1 – “Don’t Break Apart”

MiXE1 has just officially release the single/video for the explosively-emotional track “Don’t Break Apart” – and I tell ya…it’s inspiring to see music come together this completely through both the audio & visuals like this.  With a seriously sharply-edited video supporting the theme of the lyrics and responding perfectly to the energy in the music […]Read More

Elmo Karjalainen – Age Of Heroes

Elmo Karjalainen – Age Of Heroes – Album Review If you’ve been following along with the SBS Podcast lately, that’s all the proof you’d need to know we’ve continued to remain a fan of guitar-virtuoso Elmo Karjalainen ever since we had the privilege of reviewing it for the first time in the middle of 2015.  […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Happy When I Die”

Digital Escort – “Happy When I Die” – Single Review How hasn’t this band been signed to a major label by now is enough to leave you scratching your head in wonder a bit…Digital Escort is one of the finest examples out there in the independent scene right now of a band that is ready […]Read More

0167 – Laura Kelsey Album III

One of the most amazing people/artists that we’ve met along the way, Laura Kelsey and her music have taken-on multiple forms throughout the years.  In our experience alone, we’ve seen or heard her play – or at the very least know her to make music solo, with Man Made Lake in our studio, acoustic with […]Read More

Life In A Tree – Say Goodbye To The Nighttime

Life In A Tree – Say Goodbye To The Nighttime Skies – Album Review I tell ya…for such a young band when it comes to their age, you don’t often find something that sounds this complete and well thought-out.  I can tell you firsthand from listening to music all day long throughout the independent music-scene […]Read More

Nullsaurus – Nullsaurus

Nullsaurus – Nullsaurus – EP Review Here we go!  Some of that good old-fashioned electro-industrial music flowing out of these speakers right now through the innovative twists & turns on display throughout the new ideas he’s putting together over the course of songs from the upcoming official EP release.  Keeping in mind that things are […]Read More

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles

Melvin Fromm Jr. – Singles Review The imagination can be a limitless & wonderful gift when combined with making music.  Melvin Fromm Jr. continues to show no boundaries when it comes to the sound/style of his instrumental music…he can get a little wild & crazy sometimes, but I think musicians from all-over the world would […]Read More