Month: <span>December 2016</span>

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: The Hsu-Nami

Through the incredibly unique and moving instrumentals found on The Hsu-Nami’s self-titled record released this year and the highly creative & inventive approach to music this band based out of New York took to their music, they created one of the most audibly adventurous records of the entirety of 2016 with stunningly ambitious material that […]Read More

The Upcoming Reader Vote For Best New Sound 2016!!!

Just wanted to make a special announcement…I’ve made my list…I’ve checked it twice…and now it’s time to find out who absolutely killed it this year!  Starting tomorrow I’ll be announcing the official nominations for this year’s SBS Reader-Voted Best New Sound of 2016!  This will be our third annual contest for the honor…and this year […]Read More

Eon MC Etc. & Adduci – Fighting Demons

Eon MC Etc. & Adduci – Fighting Demons – Album Review First time I had actually heard this new record presented by United Statements…I listened from the Soundcloud page.  Why is that important, you ask?  Well…sometimes pushing play there can give you mixed results in terms of how a record might flow – and in […]Read More

Cam On The Beat – Instrumentals

Cam On The Beat – Instrumentals – Singles Review Dig this guy’s professional set-up & sound.  If you check into what Cam On The Beat is up to…well…you’ll find the name itself says it all really.  He’s one of them pro beat-makers out there…his daily grind includes making completely killer music and supplying others out […]Read More