Karina Vismara – Two Winters

 Karina Vismara – Two Winters

Karina Vismara – Two Winters – EP Review

Karina is coming to our page all the way from Argentina! I racked my brain to think of any other act, artist or band that I know of that might come from that area and I can honestly say that this is the first time I think I’ve ever dealt with music coming from that region. So in a true case of ‘I have no idea what to expect’ – come and join me as I push play on this latest EP, Two Winters, by Karina Vismara.

There’s a strong start in opening the EP with her song “Only You,” the first of four beautiful tracks. Each of these short and sweet acoustically driven tracks fit incredibly well with Karina’s soothing vocals. Every syllable of the wording is clear and pronounced with an emotional touch that matches the tone of the song. “Spread Our Love Around,” the second cut on the EP really highlights this combination and goes beyond to show her imagination in songwriting. She invents unique vocal patterns and challenges herself to incorporate extra melody into the music by using her vocals much like an instrument.

“Tied Up Tight” is another great example of what Karina is capable of. Through this track, comparisons could be drawn to an act as modern as Feist, or as old-school as the project from Ann & Nancy Wilson that existed before their days in Heart – anyone remember The Lovemongers? That project of the famous sisters once covered Led Zeppelin songs exclusively – and a lot of the acoustic guitar work at times hints at that sound if not only in tone but through production.

Karina’s EP Two Winters sounds so incredibly alone – but in a beautifully isolated way. It’s music that is so sparse that it feels like you’d find it in the back of an empty cupboard in a boarded-up abandoned house; but everything we’re left with is excellent. I’ve always loved that isolated, far-away-and-wanting that can come around in music, but it’s only ever done right so often. Karina has played that well with this short EP that includes every sound it needs to make these songs effective. They may sound alone and isolated – but they are incredibly full of heart and life.

The final track, “Sister,” is like the anchor of a great relay team. This is the track that if you somehow weren’t convinced by now, you’d have to give in to Karina’s style & voice. This wonderfully performed song wraps the entire EP up incredibly well and gives us Karina one last time at her ultimate best in this track that was recorded live at Dilute Studio.

Overall – no complaints here, only compliments. It started incredibly strong and finished even stronger. This is a beautiful EP to listen to and welcome to my eardrums anytime.

Check out Karina further at: http://www.karinavismara.com/

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