Month: <span>November 2013</span>

Ralph Condé – “I Love You So”

Ralph Condé – “I Love You So” – Single Review Perfect way to start this day! I’m departing from my review on the first compilation album to come our way in yesterday’s review to today’s new jam from Ralph coming from the smooth-jazz genre. Having yet to take on jazz through sleepingbagstudios – I’m excited to be […]Read More

Iggy Taylor – Ataraxis

Iggy Taylor – Ataraxis – Album Review I wasn’t prepared for this. Maybe I’m still not… Iggy – first off, I want to tell you direct it is completely WRONG of you to make a heavily-bearded man like myself enjoy a song called “Coochie Coo;” brother, that’s just straight evil! Ataraxis is an extremely interesting album […]Read More


People sure can RULE in a completely awesome way sometimes. Meeting humble independent musicians like Ben here from the project Ahimsa really shows you can make quality music and never have to have an ego about it. It also makes me wish for them all to retain their independent inherit goodness and never “grow-up” into the cold […]Read More