Ralph Condé – “I Love You So”

 Ralph Condé – “I Love You So”

Ralph Condé – “I Love You So” – Single Review

Perfect way to start this day! I’m departing from my review on the first compilation album to come our way in yesterday’s review to today’s new jam from Ralph coming from the smooth-jazz genre. Having yet to take on jazz through sleepingbagstudios – I’m excited to be able to listen to something unique to us and share that with you guys. Let’s push play and talk about this new single “I Love You So.”

The first thing you can tell right off the bat is that Ralph has a major talent and feel for the guitar. With a wandering lead-line that runs through the length of the track, it bends and solos through this jazz track with an inviting warmth. Full of rich tone and expertly played, after some research I find that Mr. Condé has actually been playing guitar since he was a seven year-old child in 1976. Those skills amassed during the years & that relationship and bond with his guitar serve as the centerpiece of “I Love You So.” Against the beat and backing instruments – this guitar is upfront for you to hear it well and have it carry you through this song.

As far as the rest of the music is concerned, you can also hear the years of expertise in the assembly and production on this track. The levels for the track are perfect all the way through and he has done really well to have the other instruments, drums, keys, & bass all pop up through the mix at different times as a gentle reminder that they too are well played and as much a part of this overall track as that beautiful lead guitar.

There’s a tiny bit of vocals, a “chorus” if you will…if there can be such a thing in jazz! They come in subtly and understated – much of this track does really. For the amount of talent on display through Condé’s “I Love You So,” it’s a great track in the sense that it doesn’t feel like it’s punching your ears drums begging you to like it. This track is gentle, melodic and the more you listen to it the more you’ll tap your foot and start to smile. His chorus of vocals helps to add that extra warmth to the track, and also makes us wonder who Ralph might have written this particular song for…

All in all – this IS jazz and it IS smooth! Ralph Condé has written and recorded an excellent track with “I Love You So.” Jazz as a genre spans miles; it can often wander out too far on the fringe for some and for others that very wandering makes them feel right at home. Condé’s found a way to bring some of those amazing elements together to form a listener-friendly style of his own with this brand new single that truly highlights his talents in a tightly written song.

He has performed in bands and collaborated with artists from places all over the world. Taking this time out to record this solo jam was a great idea and it’s a great introduction into the smooth-jazz world of Ralph Condé. Check out his track “I Love You So” – if you’re a fan of easy-to-listen-to music – you might not even need to put on another song that day! I’ve listened to it previously as well as had it on for the length of writing this review and found no reason or want to stop it from playing. It’s well played, well produced and well thought-out; who would ever want to stop that?

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