Bad Pilot – Hybrids

Bad Pilot – Hybrids – EP Review So like…where’s the single, man? Proof that great records don’t need an identifiable single to put out there and entice the people in through methods of the old-school…we’re long past those days now.  Some of you out there know what I’m talking about…back when we’d all pay $29.99 […]Read More

Little Lightning – You’re Alright

Little Lightning – You’re Alright – EP Review There are a couple age-old adages that apply to this record, and to Little Lightning as well.  One that refers to the material on the You’re Alright EP – which would be the whole “a good song is never finished, only abandoned” quote; and the other more […]Read More

J Speed – 0Zero EP Out Now!

The King Stays King – The Legendary J Speed Is Back On Top With The Brand-New 0Zero EP! After firmly establishing himself within the Hip-Hop/Rap game over the past four years with brilliant records that proved to the world that J Speed had exactly what it took to become the premier artist he is today […]Read More

Closer – Old Baker Street

Closer – Old Baker Street – EP Review Testing…testing 1, 2, 3… I’m not quite prepared to say we’re fully back in action & the site’s completely ready to roll just yet…but we’re getting really damn close…r.  Let me see if I remember how to work the controls here and post up one of the […]Read More

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes – EP Review As we head into a completely all-new chapter of our own history here at SBS shortly this summer and I begin to head into a cocoon of self-doubt & excitement to recharge & refresh our ideas & approach, I couldn’t be happier to end […]Read More

My Little Morties – Drops Mic And Screens At Mic

My Little Morties – Drops Mic And Screens At Mic On The Floor.  Legend – EP Review Perception is such a funny thing. Within mere hours of this new record from notorious musical villain My Little Morties coming into my inbox, I received a message from whatever or whomever is behind this stuff…it read: “are […]Read More

Gleodream – Feel / Loss

Gleodream – Feel / Loss – EP Review Here’s what I love about the style of Future Garage music like you’d hear in Burial’s brilliantly textured material or in Gleodream’s stunning new EP…you really gotta have the chops & skills to pull your weight in this genre, because there’s ultimately damn near nowhere to hide.  […]Read More

E-Newt – Tragically Beautiful

E-Newt – Tragically Beautiful – EP Review “I give the nation hope.” Giant claim there homie…but maybe E-Newt ain’t wrong either. Some of that good-good conscious Hip-Hop comin’ atcha on the latest EP from this skillful rapper.  You know…in that vein of Common, Talib, Mos & more…E-Newt brings knowledge to the m-i-c, along with high […]Read More

Tomorrow, When – More Or Less, Always

Tomorrow, When – More Or Less, Always – EP Review “We’re just a couple of guys who play music.” Well right on.  Just so happens I’m a guy who writes about it. And some of you regulars out there know me well enough to know I wouldn’t include a quote unless it actually said something.  […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies – EP Review Points for creativity Glenn. So far as to this point on our pages, we’ve featured the music of Glenn Murawski three other times over the same amount of months more or less, but yet to hear him & vocals into the tunes we’d experienced here at our […]Read More

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