DirtyKeyz Duo – “How Deep Is Your Love”

 DirtyKeyz Duo – “How Deep Is Your Love”

Bringing genuine finesse to the mic and real soul to a classic song from the Bee Gees catalog, DirtyKeyz Duo create an intimate & memorable moment in their cover of “How Deep Is Your Love.”  Smartly stripped down to the beautiful keys and stunning lead-vocals, the pair make melodic magic together in this collaboration – and in the harmonies, they bring the sweetness of this song straight to the surface.  Perfectly shot one-take style video to go with it that shows the heart & passion they put into their music onscreen visually, DirtyKeyz Duo come out sounding & looking fantastic in their latest single/vid – check it out for yourself below and get some soul in ya this morning!

Find out more about DirtyKeyz Duo at their official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dirtykeyzduo



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