Zarbo – “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)”

 Zarbo – “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)”

Zarbo – “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” – Single Review

Music about music!  You gotta love it.

I mean…it’s not entirely about that…but it is as well.  Lemme try to explain…

Obviously at the core of it all, a song like Zarbo’s “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” isn’t ONLY about music – it’s also about the effect OF it.  When it comes to a parallel in this universe created to show the relationship between listening to music and having it move you straight to the dance-floor of the club, there may in fact be no better example than the one you’ll hear right here in this brand-new Zarbo cut.  Exemplifying the true spirited nature of sensory sound and how it connects to everyone listening; you could be the hardest of hearts out there, and the vibrant energy & relentless enthusiasm you’ll find in this single is still guaranteed to get you smiling from ear to ear.  As I always remind y’all out there, I was born Grunge – so take it from me…if anyone out there could have resisted this track, I would have been among the number one candidates to do it – but I’ll admit, the radiant personality and excitement you’ll find in the “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” really isn’t something anyone should be trying to resist.

Unless you’ve got some sort of weird fetish for failure…then it would make sense.  Trust me when I say, it’ll be much easier on ya if you just go with the flow, turn this UP, and have yourself some fun – resistance is futile, as they say – and Zarbo’s performance from start to finish on this song will prove it!

Like…look…of course a song like the “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” isn’t going to be loaded up with depression & angst – this is all about turning good times into great ones and keepin’ the party goin’ long & strong, loud & proud, you dig?  While there are more standard aspects that you’d expect to find within any tune from the Electro realm in terms of its addictively kickin’ beat & atmospheric elements that swirl throughout its digital makeup – there are OUTSTANDING pieces within this song as well that can’t help but stand out to anyone really listening.  The bass-lines for one…they’re worth the entire price of admission whenever they show up…the innovation and creativity you’ll find there is nothing short of remarkable – and the vocals of Zarbo are absolutely out of this world!  When we’re talking about the kind of commitment, dedication, and passion it takes to make the difference and truly stand out for the personality & charisma on display, look no further than this guy right here for the perfect example of what we really mean.  To say Zarbo is into this song would be to put it as mildly as anyone could – he is so in the moment here and so invested in every second of this tune, that the spectacular results achieved in the end are completely worth every ounce of his superhuman effort.  Essentially what I’m saying is…there’s nothing not to like or love about the “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” – but I can’t imagine a single person out there listening not recognizing that it’s Zarbo himself that steals the show.

Think of it like…close to something like you’d imagine Men Without Hats would have done if they were electronically-inclined for the modern-day era…there’s a similar level of inviting playfulness and relentless enthusiasm at work here on the “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)”…and I ain’t gonna lie, it really IS extremely addictive.  I mean…it’s pretty hard to argue it hasn’t achieved what it set out to do when I’m here at six-thirty in the morning in Canada – I DID “Get Up And Dance” – did YOU?  Because if you HAVEN’T…yet…then you SHOULD…and the best way I can think of to do that is to click play on the video for this here tune, and guarantee that you get your whole day off to the best start possible with the energy you’ll need to soldier through a Monday morning like it’s still a vibrant & wild Friday night.

You won’t be alone in turning up this celebratory tune – Zarbo’s been out there dominating the charts & playlists all around the globe with this single & rightly so!  Congrats to the man for hitting the #1 spot on the iTopChart – from the sound of things on the “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix),” it’s definitely not gonna be the last time you find Zarbo’s music climbing up to the place it belongs, right at the very top.

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