Yona Marie – “Will You Remember”

 Yona Marie – “Will You Remember”

Yona Marie – “Will You Remember” – Single Review


…yeah I’m not above admitting when something is probably gonna fly right over my head.

I’m long on record here as knowing a thing or two about music…and having said many more times that outside of that one specific subject, I know less than the average rock you’d find in your garden.  I wasn’t just slightly intimidated in reading about everything that “Will You Remember” is about – I was actually floored & pretty much speechless.  Though I have literally no idea what much of this is saying in text, it’s wonderfully inspiring to visibly see an artist putting so much thought into their material before you’ve even had a chance to push play.  I’ll tell ya this much for sure, if everyone out there had the approach that Yona Marie is taking here with this single, our whole music scene would be a much more interesting place, filled with songs that are quite as likely to educate ya on some level just as much as entertain ya.  Great to have her back in action & up on our pages – it’s been a minute Yona, welcome home m’lady!  We last featured her here in 2018 with the single “My Soulful Baby” – time continues to keep flyin’ y’all…nothin’ we can do to stop that; but awesome to see nothing can stop Yona either!

Now, I could try and go the technical route here and discuss the inspirations behind it all, like the Greek mythology tie-ins, or the lyrical works of Irish poet Nahum Tate, or even the history of Opera itself and I’d fail miserably…though I’ll admit, it is all really cool to me that so much is involved here.  I grew up devouring ancient myths of all kinds, I’ve always loved & written poetry myself, and I have a deep respect for Opera as well with much exposure to it compared to most people out there…but I’d be paper-thin transparent in trying to really dissect this tune beyond what I can actually hear, and I’ve already admitted to enough shortcomings for the day so far.  So instead, I’m gonna stay firmly in my lane here where I belong and tell ya about what I hear, while still saluting the tremendous effort that Yona Marie has clearly put in on an artistic level.

Make no mistake y’all…Yona is next-level smart & creative, and that makes for one exciting combination.  What I loved straight off the drop was the fact that the way this song is described stylistically is perfect – you’ll see in the write-up that “Will You Remember” is a fusion of “Trap-Soul-Classical” – and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the core of this song.  With what Yona is capable of vocally, that Opera element certainly ends up playing a role in this lineup of genres as well by the finale of this single, but that’s neither here nor there – the fact that matters is that she’s sounding absolutely inspired when she sings this song.  Her range is outta the park spectacular – and she will absolutely take your breath away with her performance on “Will You Remember.”  From the low-key textures & tones of the way she sings the rhythmically designed verses, to the bold confidence she puts forth in the chorus with electrifying intensity, to the stunning vocalizations that you’ll find take place towards the final minute of Yona’s new single – I mean, this is a remarkable combination that’s fresh, new, vibrant & lively – and it really, really works.  I’ve also spun it so many times that hopefully I’m gettin’ that education as well through this highly crafted tale, if only by osmosis.  However it comes to me, I’m always willing to learn & try to catch up to the rest of all of y’all out there.  Songs like this one right here truly have me appreciating just how much more there really IS to learn and still to be explored when it comes to making music; we tend to believe that ‘it’s all been done’ – but it’s artists like Yona right here that prove that’s nowhere close to the truth.  She’s got herself a verifiably groundbreaking hybrid single here, with a ton of appeal, fully legit hooks, and X-factor talent on display…all-in-all, whether you get the full meaning of the depth in behind the words & historically epic content of the song or not, we can all hear Yona doing something that is genuinely unique and truly new.  And if your ears are anything like my ears, you’ll appreciate that.

Every so often you’ll run into an artist like Yona that pushes the boundaries & scope of music & art further forward…and we’re not always going to be able to keep up to every part of it as they emerge.  But I’ll tell ya this with confidence, it’s not up to Yona to slow down to anyone else’s level – it’s on all of us to rise to hers – and believe me when I say, she’ll have you excited to do that, because what’s she’s creating is sincerely engaging.  The music alone and the imaginative creativity that sparkles between its fusion of different styles, borrowing from the old & making it brilliantly new again…I mean, that’s worth the price of admission on its own – and THEN you get Yona’s incredible voice as well?  Seals the deal folks, believe that.  Her poetic lyricism, her spot-on tone, and the all-out boldness of the hooks & finale to this tune will more than have you onboard with what she’s created on “Will You Remember,” and definitely have you looking forward to this innovative artist’s music in the future to follow for sure.

Find out more about Yona Marie from the official sites below!

Homepage:  https://yonamariemusic.com

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/rachelmarieluv

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/yonamariemusic

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/yonamariemusic

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4OB3CpFSzGLLQwYQuOgk2F

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