Wild Other – “Løve Avenue”

 Wild Other – “Løve Avenue”

Come get yourself a digital slice of somethin’ real nice for your late-night, or whatever time it might be wherever you are – there’s never a bad time to take a stroll down “Løve Avenue” and have a listen to this shiny single from Wild Other.  Colorized with vibrant sounds that spring to life through your speakers, all bouncing, shifting, and fading in & out on ya as this curious single works its magic on ya – you’ll get a taste through the minute-long video sample here below, and I highly recommend you continue this sonic adventure by hitting up the link underneath to check out the full experience of “Løve Avenue” at Spotify.  Definitely a ton of uniqueness in Wild Other’s music, and it’s all established in record time…this flexible & versatile cut has no problem working it’s magic on ya real quick.  Through a whole series of clever ideas colliding into a collage of electro-excellence that radiates beauty & sweet sentiment, Wild Other makes an immediate impression and invites you in to listen further at every twist & turn throughout “Løve Avenue” and its ever-welcoming vibes.  Incidentally, I’ve had a listen to a bunch more tunes that were online & available in the process of discovering this new single…I fell hard for a song called “The Light Of The City” from a collaboration with freshavocado last year; it’s beyond gorgeous, and all the proof you’d need to know that Wild Other has been making truly beautiful tunes for some time now.  But that’s a story for another time, and you’ve all got YouTube if you’re able to read what I’m writing here – so go forth and listen dear readers, dear friends!  For now, you’ll be more than stoked about what we got for ya right here in the present – get yourself a dose of audible-sweetness in ya by clicking on Wild Other’s new single “Løve Avenue” below!

Find more music by Wild Other at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0McCYILrRxDElZ4Hjyu2nd

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