Wicked Garden – “Home, Too Far”

 Wicked Garden – “Home, Too Far”

Based out of Las Vegas and sending out their own brand of scorching hot Alt/Hard-Rock sound out through the internet airwaves to listeners & viewers all over the globe, Wicked Garden has fused together a solid dose of memorable hooks and slow-burning style to keep your eyes & ears entertained with their new single/video for “Home, Too Far.”  With hard-hitting melody, intense vocals, and a diverse range of instrumentation that has them break it down to the pure acoustic bones before raging back to a gnarly full boil – the new single by Wicked Garden lets loose a powerful demonstration of the sonic force they’re rockin’ with and supplies a versatile structure that speaks strongly on behalf of what they’re capable of.  Chances are, they could just as easily get you singing with the brooding hooks of “Home, Too Far” as have you head-banging along; the clever and catchy design of this cut has that mix of moody sound the Alt/Rock/Grunge/Metal-crowd loves, with its big, bold, and badass musicianship and the fireworks they pack tight into the middle of this cut through their wild solos & beastly vocals.  Shifting expertly between the more gentle melody-laced moments and the fierce enormity of their sound at full-blast, they make crystal-clear the many reasons they’re being billed as one of the premier acts in the Hard-Rock scene of Las Vegas with the amped-up music & mayhem they’re creating & controlling confidently like the true professional vets of the industry they are.  Check it out for yourself – have a look & a listen to the latest single “Home, Too Far” by Wicked Garden by clickin’ on that video below!

Find out more about Wicked Garden from their official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/wickedgardenvegas

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