Warriors Of The Ruwach – “Save Myself”

 Warriors Of The Ruwach – “Save Myself”

Solid & soulful single from a band that seems to have quite the story behind the purpose, intentions, and ambitions driving their music…some might even say it’s THE story of all stories really.  “Everything we do is for the esteem of YaHuWaH and His son YaHuWShuWA,” according to the write-up in the official description that comes with the new video by Warriors Of The Ruwach for their single “Save Myself” – and you’ll go on to read even more about the altruistic nature of this entire crew.  From what you can find online, they’re all in it for the pure love of the game, doing their best to educate & enlighten through their music – and its in this pursuit of the greater good for us all, that you’ll learn that the Warriors Of The Ruwach have never charged a solitary penny for any of their material, ever.  You gotta respect that for sure – and when you hear the quality of “Save Myself,” you’ll realize that giving away their music for free has only strengthened their resolve and passion for the mission they’re on.  “Save Myself” does an excellent job of laying out the case lyrically and backing it all up with a stellar combination of real-life experience and faith-based scripture in the mix of the music, and the video you’ll see below visually touches on issues that have been affecting each and every one of us.  Here’s to great music and better days ahead of us all – check out the dynamic slice of spiritual Hip-Hop they’re servin’ up for ya, and click on “Save Myself” by Warriors Of The Ruwach below!

Find out more about Warriors Of The Ruwach at their official website at: https://warriorsoftheruwach.com

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