VinCrux – “Within”

 VinCrux – “Within”

So I’m sitting here checking out videos & my schedule & whatnot for the upcoming week, doing my normal thing…and I come across this.  Next thing I know, I’m scanning an entire wall’s worth of social media back to the first post on Facebook from just November 24th of the past year gone by, and I’m thinking to myself, VinCrux, WHERE have you been all my life?  Clearly this is a project that’s just starting to get going based on the timeline of things…but after a single spin through “Within” I was more than hooked on what sounds like the skills of a full on veteran of the scene with undeniable skills.  I’d LIVE in this song if it was possible for me to make room for a hammock and lie down in it!  VinCrux reminds me of so much of what I love in music like Ulrich Schnauss makes…or for you real underground savvy Electro-based music-lovers that have as much grey in your beard as I have in mine now, there were projects like The Field and Togos that also had similarly rad digital sweetness going on.  But what I want you to take away from this quick post here, is this:  With VinCrux already sounding THIS phenomenal, on-point, and professional…even IF you find yourself a comparison to be made on a musical level…are you gonna tell me you’ve ALSO seen a video THIS amazing to support whatever that may have been – AND from the independent scene at that?  As far as my eyes & ears are concerned, this is straight-up award worthy.  Not only was I loving what I heard to begin with – but these visuals…man…THESE VISUALS…are just straight-up off the charts awesome, full-stop.  VinCrux might just be getting started, sure – but there’s zero doubt that if the dude is already cruising along with this much capability & craft at his disposal, that he’s got an all-star level of skill that could virtually take him anywhere, and without question he’ll be making a stop at the top of the charts on the way by.  WATCH THIS VIDEO – you are gonna love what VinCrux has created from your screens to your speakers from start to finish on “Within.”

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