Uni Vs. – “Best Friend”

 Uni Vs. – “Best Friend”

It’s all on me to turn this life into a masterpiece.” #facts

On the extreme bright-side of that scenario, Uni Vs. is more than equipped with all the talent & tools he needs to make that happen.  You can definitely feel the weight of this single “Best Friend,” sliced from The Poet’s Empire EP…from the lyrics so carefully crafted by Uni Vs. to the stellar mix in the vibes produced by the skilled hands of Nymano & Yaken, this cut introduces you to the man behind the microphone in remarkably profound ways that make a seriously memorable impact.  Through his insightful, thought-provoking words & lyrical imagery, you get a glimpse of what the story has been so far, while also listening to Uni Vs. dreaming out loud about where the next chapter could potentially take him.  But there ain’t no time for sleepin’ yo – not with talent like this guy’s got – Uni Vs. drops sincere intensity into every word he spits from bar to bar, and makes the most of this moment without question – “Best Friend” connects instantly for the gritty realness you’ll hear from the main star of the show in every syllable.  You can tell music means everything to Uni Vs. – and now he’s ready to put his words into action, and take his career to the next-level where he belongs with material as strong as this is – check it out for yourself and give “Best Friend” a click below!

Find more music by Uni Vs. at his official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWrx62_bXcCkHgXzrAnfNKg

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