UD – “21 Days”

 UD – “21 Days”

Well now…would you look at that – all the way from Mumbai to our Canadian pages here at SBS – how cool is that?  We’ve made our way into many countries out there in the world, but as far as I can recall, this is our first visit to Mumbai via the internet…it’s always a tremendous honor to reach across the water and around the globe like this – WELCOME UD!

Dude seems like a great guy if I’m being honest.  I’ve been reading about him and checking out his latest single online over these past couple days or so, and he’s got quite an inspiring story really.  More than that actually…he’s on a selfless mission to altruistically bring people together through the music he’s making – and you know we’ve got love for that here at sleepingbagstudios; that’s what we’re all about.  When it comes to UD’s debut single “21 Days,” he plays the role of the producer & songwriter, in addition to being the man in charge of hiring a whole bunch of the right studio aces to help assist him in bringing his song to life.  With a solid focus on creating lyrics that are designed to provide us all with a refreshing & uplifting vibe that’s positive and made to make your soul smile – “21 Days” reveals the pure sincerity & sweet ambitions of UD’s writing.  He’s made wise selections with the talent he’s got featured throughout this single from the sparkle in the music to the boldness in the vocals – everything fits 100%.  Check out UD’s “21 Days” for yourself below!

In particular, “21 Days” was written specifically during the Covid-19 pandemic.  If you’re listening closely to the words, you’ll hear the unity that UD promotes through his music, and many heartfelt reminders of just how closely linked we all are at such an important time in history & how it’s up to each of us to play our part.  By the very virtue of having created this song, UD is leading the way and playing his role with pride, not only delivering on a catchy & melodically-inclined cut well worth your time, but going even further by writing a song that’s completely made to comfort & soothe the hearts & minds of those who listen at a time we all need it most.  Even the video is fully on-brand for what UD is going for, with tons of visually inspiring & heartwarming scenes to keep you entertained, and that wonderful central theme of the unity shared between us celebrated right there onscreen for ya.  I dig the song – I dig the video – I respect the intentions & I love the sentiment in both his ambitions & his songwriting – and perhaps most importantly, I’m convinced after reading everything I’ve read about UD & hearing this new single, that this artist absolutely has his heart in the right place and his head in the game right now.

Find out more about UD from the official pages below!

Official Website:  https://udofficial.com

Multi-Link To “21 Days” Online:  https://ud.hearnow.com

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/in/album/21-days-single/1522840324

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/iamrealUD

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ud.official.insta

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