Ty Gunzzz – “Style Way” Feat. Poppa Da Don

 Ty Gunzzz – “Style Way” Feat. Poppa Da Don

Ty Gunzzz – “Style Way” Feat. Poppa Da Don – Music Video Release/Review

What way?  The Style Way.”  Hell ya homies, you heard it here first.

Right from the drop, this video expertly directed by @Officialbradpiff comes out looking like it’s gonna be a straight-up movie – quality is in the house y’all!  Visually and audibly of course, Ty Gunzzz is crushin’ it on the m-i-c in collaboration with the wild bars from Poppa Da Don on the brand-new single “Style Way.”  I mean…you KNOW things are goin’ alright when you got a whole posse and crew ridin’ with you – you can see onscreen in the new video that Ty Gunzzz brings the party with him wherever he goes.

Lots is working out for this emcee on “Style Way” – the hooks are seriously sharp and guaranteed to grab your attention, but notice the finesse of Ty Gunzzz as he spits his rhymes, highlighting that versatility in sound & style that’s got all the character & charisma you need to make a moment memorable.  Ain’t no doubt at all that he’s enlisted A-level talent here to support him – Poppa Da Don is a wickedly precise rapper, keepin’ his bars stylistically cool on all-fronts and making the most of this guest appearance.  How he’s so on-point after how much Henny you see the man tippin’ up in the video is pretty damn amazing really – that’s stamina right there homies, that’s what that is – check it out for yourself below!

This is good times & stylized rhymes that prove Ty Gunzzz is steppin’ up to that next-level with confidence, genuine swagger – and perhaps most importantly, actual material that’s identifiable to his own style while putting the art of the hook right into the spotlight.  They say that talent attracts talent and that’s clearly true here in this collaboration in full-effect, Ty Gunzzz brings incredible rhythm & flow to his bars and Poppa Da Don backs him up 100% with an equal caliber performance that continually heats up the sixteens from the lefts to the rights.  The powerful dynamics of this cut allow its main stars to pivot & shift, transition, and rip rhymes the “Style Way” – and they both rise to the occasion here to make the most of this killer beat they’re workin’ with.  You add the badass video they’ve got to support this single, and everything about this cut is heading for a solid win; you can hear what the “Style Way” is all about in your speakers and you can see it right there for yourself onscreen with the eyes in your face.  So open them UP and peep this yo!  Ty Gunzzz and Poppa Do Don got you homies – they prove they’ve got everything it takes to deliver wild entertainment at all times.  From the studio to the streets, these two are baggin’ up bands and ziplockin’ paper like you won’t believe, keepin’ it real with what they say and what you see onscreen with their crew right by their side – these rappers do it the “Style Way” cause there ain’t no damn sense in doin’ it any other way, you best believe.

Find out more about Ty Gunzzz at the official links below!

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tygunzzz
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/tygunzzz_wstl
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tygunzzz


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