Tunde – “Jesu Feran Mi”

 Tunde – “Jesu Feran Mi”

Tunde – “Jesu Feran Mi” – Single Review

On one level of thinking I think it’s kind of incredible how much the independent music-scene thrives in religiously-based music; on the other side of that coin…in a way it boggles the mind with so much being available on an independent-level but not so much in the mainstream. Sure there are plenty of artists that remember to thank their God or religion when standing at the podium to accept a trophy – but many of those same artists seem to forget about God altogether when they jump inside the studio to make their latest hit track.

Most of my readers at this point already know I’m not a religious guy, but that religion itself or the idea of what God is or isn’t can be some of my absolute favorite conversations. I don’t feel the personal need to believe or follow a path set by anyone other than myself – but at the same time I still feel a massive respect for those that DO. In a sense, they’ve found a way to fill a hole in their life that perhaps will always remain empty for me…or at the very least I myself cannot prove or provide any reasons as to why anyone shouldn’t believe in God or whatever they might. They could be completely right, and I could be completely wrong…so out of pure respect for whatever that outcome may/may not be – I’m willing to entertain all theories, as to me it’s always going to be a fascinating subject with passionate people who feel so strongly about their beliefs that it becomes fact & indisputable knowledge for them.

So when it comes to Tunde and his latest single “Jesu Feran Mi,” which literally translates into “Jesus Loves Me,” you can’t help but notice that this solo-artist hasn’t just got the name of God written on a dinner napkin at an awards show so he doesn’t forget to mention the dude…this is a man that makes sure to take God with him everywhere he goes, right up to and including the studio. And if I know anything at all about religion and how God works…well…if that’s truly the case than I bet even Tunde would argue he’s never been a solo-artist at all with God firmly by his side.

Tunde has a massive background in music that has seen him make his mark in singing, performing, producing, song-writing, blogging and even creating his own record label BAT Records. After spending time with the famous R&B group Styl-Plus for many years, Tunde has now released his latest solo-tune “Jesu Feran Mi” with a blend of Soul & Gospel adding to his signature style in R&B and layering in some excellent modern-day pop influences in the writing. Never compromising his beliefs for a single moment and putting out a song that truly sounds like an audible expression of the purest love – Tunde has put together a skillful and catchy single with “Jesu Feran Mi” – a song so smooth and inviting that no matter what area of life you come from, you can dig on this sweet rhythm. If a heathen beast like me can sit here and groove along…I’m telling you that without a doubt, you can too.

Smooth bass-lines, great additional elements like guitar, strings, snaps fill the air as Tunde takes the microphone to deliver some exceptionally beautiful tones through the verse and the chorus of “Jesu Feran Mi.” Sweet harmonies join in to add even more to the sound before Tunde takes on a sweetly-auto-tuned second verse that communicates the sincerity even more brightly than the effects on the vocals. He’s clearly passionate about his Lord and Savior and you can absolutely hear just how much happiness this love and soul-wholeness has made him as he sings with energy and audible-sunshine on this latest single. Can’t help but appreciate what Tunde has accomplished here on “Jesu Feran Mi” – it has an excellent, universal rhythm and performance that appeals to us all and a message perfectly delivered to any set of ears ready to accept his beautiful lyrics and receive His word.

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