Truse – “The Final Mystical Saga”

 Truse – “The Final Mystical Saga”

Conscious Hip-Hop homies…you know we’re all about it here.

“The Final Mystical Saga” by Truse has officially got itself a video now!  According to the word on the street & the ol’ hit-counters out there on the internet, the people out there have been digging on this cut for a minute or two already – and to keep that momentum surging forward, Truse put together full video support to add visual strength to the messages he’s layin’ down on us all over the m-i-c.  By shedding light on a plethora of the injustices & flaws in the design that plagues the system we live in – Truse takes us on a voyage through a set of seriously hard truths as he holds the mirror up to the society we’re living in; and in the video for “The Final Mystical Saga” you’ll see many of the issues we face right there onscreen from climate change, to foreign battles, culture wars & a whole lot more.  Against the backdrop of a crisp snare drum snap, Truse delivers with rhythmic precision & details the problems while also proposing the solutions if you’re listening & watching closely – he’s put together a real wake-up call with his words & video for “The Final Mystical Saga” – it’s best we all pay attention to what the man has to say and start to make those changes we need in order to create that better world we all wanna live in.

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