Tony Saxon – “Do You Still Love Me?”

 Tony Saxon – “Do You Still Love Me?”

Tony Saxon – “Do You Still Love Me?” – Music Video Post

Well this right here’s a massive ton of fun now ain’t it?

As many of you know…because many of you send them to me…we often get the strangest messages with submissions we take in.  Check out this one:  “I’m Tony Saxon – manic depressive soul singer/multi-instrumentalist.  Taking the best parts of 1960’s soul and R&B AND the best parts of today’s rock n roll mashing them together in a Jack LaLane power juicer hooked up to 19 car batteries and chugging them as I jump off the balcony of a burning building.”  I’m not quite sure what to say other than SIGN ME UP!  I’m assuming sign YOU up too, right?  Yeah I thought so – because who could resist something like that?

While it’s impossible to know just what we’ve all stumbled onto here with Tony Saxon and his music, hot damn the man has got this single “Do You Still Love Me?” sounding spectacular, wouldn’t you say?  Plus, he’s got this kickass video to go along with it, that brilliantly uses still-shots from his cover-shoot for his most recent record called Thirst & Howl to give this single the visual support it truly deserves…you might even go as far as to say Tony’s really comin’ about this music thang the right way, you feel me?  The guy certainly knows how to get your attention from sight to sound, this much I can confirm – “Do You Still Love Me” is a riotous great time for your eyeballs and your ear-holes, and that’s what ya want in a single is it not?  Step on into Saxon’s wild sonic style & prepare yourself to get happily lost within the madness and joy of mayhem in music-form, and equally ready to turn this single UP to the freakin’ rafters y’all.

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