Tony Baltimore – “Let’s All Go Insane”

 Tony Baltimore – “Let’s All Go Insane”

Tony Baltimore – “Let’s All Go Insane” – Music Video Post

Let’s all get reallllllllllll high!”  #WayAheadOfYaBigGuy!  #GreatMindsThinkAlike

That being said…I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for the fact that there are actually no windows in the main room I write in at sleepingbagstudios…otherwise, I’d probably be fuming right now.  For you see dear readers, dear viewers, dear friends…there is a mountain of snow that has begun to accumulate outside of these walls already here in Canada, were I to look and acknowledge it (which I ain’t gonna – incidentally Tony, I DO “live amongst the moles,” FYI) and here’s our main man Tony, livin’ it up in the Florida sunshine with a whole crowd of folks with personalities all as zany, wild, and free as the main star of the show celebrating & havin’ a great ol’ time on this new single/video for “Let’s All Go Insane.”  Jealousy don’t even come close to how I feel – and I bet you’ll wanna be livin’ Tony’s life too!

For now, we’ll have to do that vicariously by trippin’ out on his new tune, and I highly recommend ya do – winter might be knocking right outside of my door, but it feels further away than ever before when I push play on this new track Tony’s designed to bring the good times & sunshine to YOU.  I appreciate this dude’s efforts & intentions just as much as I do the shiny & sparkling results we get to see & hear; and it’s almost too easy for us to dive willingly straight down the rabbit-hole along with him to get the good times flowing!  We’re easy prey when it comes to catchy songs like “Let’s All Go Insane” – the endless string of FUN that Tony has created, along with what looks like about at least half of Florida alongside him, is bound to catch your attention and keep it for all the right reasons – you’d have to be among the hardest of hearts out there to not feel the welcoming & invitational spirit in this song/video.

It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s wacky, it’s wild – but don’t get it twisted, Baltimore’s still got himself quite the high-quality cut here that goes far beyond what any mere gimmickry would achieve.  The man can sing, the hooks are genuinely memorable, the energy is freakin’ fantastic and the musicianship is 100% spot-on, equally as sensationally well-played as it is downright innovative in how it’s all put together.  “Let’s All Go Insane” is gonna have no problems at all making an instant impression on anyone watching the video for its stunning scenery, brightly colored visuals & beautiful mix of everything from mermaids onscreen to the Mad Hatter-esque vibes of Tony leading the way – but don’t go missing out on what you hear just because what you see is so vibrant & flashy – Baltimore’s got himself a legit song here as well.

What I love, perhaps beyond all things, is that you can clearly tell Tony had no problem at all gathering an entire army of people willing to participate in the fun he’s creating.  I have no idea who does what, but I have some notes here that says folks like:  Taylor N. Tarn, Faith Michaels, Kristyn LaMoia, Susannah Wells, Joy Nulisch, Ryan Saca, Turner Harrison, Jeremy Hackworth, DeAnne Bonaparte, Natalie Pierson, Bliss KwaNun, Morgan Fraga Pierson, Erin McKenna, Sophia Hutchinson, David Hutchinson, Maya Montana, Elle Taylor, Dave Strobele, David Johnson, and Kara Querio all deserve a serious shout-out for the contributions they made, in addition to those amazing folks at Conch Town Records at the helm of the studio controls.  And heck – if you stick with the video right through to the credits like you’re supposed to be doing, you’ll see there are even MORE incredible people involved as well listed onscreen!  Like I was tellin’ ya…Tony’s got the kind of personality that brings everyone out to proudly lend a hand, the kind of quirkiness that hits different all in the right ways, and a charming single/video that’s designed for everyone to enjoy through its bright & shiny vibes, and undeniably universal appeal – “Let’s All Go Insane” is pure fun in the sun.

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