Timekeeper – “Fly With Me”

 Timekeeper – “Fly With Me”

Timekeeper – “Fly With Me” – Music Video Release/Review

Appreciate you Timekeeper!  I’ve checked out the video for the new single “Fly With Me” several times this week and it’s always brought a complete smile to my face.  You might have seen me onscreen earlier today ranting about this singer on the latest episode of our show SBS Live This Week – what can I say, I’m stoked on the positive vibes this dude brings to his music and the empowering energy it has.  Figured the least I can do is tell the world about him from our corner of the internet and encourage the people out there to shake the funk off their work day for a minute or two to come chill with Timekeeper.

And I say this because let’s face it…this world can be awfully serious at times – a video as lighthearted & fun as this is, with its animated cameos including pretty much everyone you can think of from Deadpool to Drake – “Fly With Me” has the kind of vibe powerful enough to remind you to have a little bit of fun.  You can put on this single and drift into the atmosphere of the music or take a second to enjoy yourself visually and check the video out…or better yet, do both!

FUN right?  Not only is it accessible entertainment that can be enjoyed by all, but there’s also noteworthy skills on display.  The hooks of “Fly With Me” are gigantic and certain to catch your attention, especially when those backing vocals kick-in – but you’re also guaranteed to notice the bold tones of Timekeeper and how he’s confidently ready to go after those biggest notes without a moment’s hesitation.  The power & energy are there, completely professional & consistent – this dude could hold a single note until tomorrow if he had to…I really dig the strength that Timekeeper sings this song with and think that a performance like this brilliantly matches the intentions and sentiments that drive the lyrics.  That connection between the singer & the song has been firmly established, which in turn draws us in as listeners…you can hear that Timekeeper believes in the words he’s singing, so we believe too.

There’s something that’ll last here & likely something special happening with the music of Timekeeper overall…I can’t help but think that people will really dig the combination of the more serious but upbeat nature of the music & vocals along with the way that this artist is so willing to have a good time with the video aspect.  Never underestimate the power of happiness and the potential crowd it can bring to an artist with the positive vibes to go with it – that’s where Timekeeper might just carve out a name for himself with the sunny-side outlook he so clearly has.  “Fly With Me” at its core is a song that’s preaching the wisdom of love & acceptance…that ‘we’re all a little broken and that’s okay’ – which is, in my opinion, both incredibly insightful and completely accurate.  I think the people out there will find that relatable & inspiring on multiple levels.  Certainly through the spirit that runs through the song and the passionate way that Timekeeper sings it with, but also through the video, which isn’t trying to overreach at all, keeps what you see within the realm of possibility for other potential dreamers & music-makers out there.  It shows that if you can just relax a bit and have some FUN with your own image, videos, career…that it can truly add something to your music if you truly commit to the ideas you’re working with.

So salute to Timekeeper!  Dude will bring a genuine smile to your face and leave a lasting impact on ya through the inspiring sentiment of the lyrics and memorable hooks that he’s so impressively designed.  With all kinds of potential for the video to draw people in even further – I think Timekeeper stands a solid chance of winning over the eyes & ears of the people out there.  You can tell he’s completely sincere and into the music he’s making, and it makes all the difference in the world as we listen – solid job on this single, “Fly With Me” – it’s got a ton of heart and it’s impressively uplifting all-around.

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