Through Infinity – “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)”

 Through Infinity – “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)”

Through Infinity – “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)” – Music Video Release/Review

Love the look of this video & really dig what this band is up to overall – Through Infinity has got eight players in the mix, with the most recent addition being Mario Huljev officially becoming a part of the lineup to strengthen the music even further with his stunning vocals complementing the entire sound.

And believe me when I say, things were already going right to begin with.  Musically, this band is aces – just LISTEN to the harmonic riff & melody that start their new single “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza),” or the gentle percussion that brilliantly adds to the atmosphere every step of the way, or the crystal-clear bass-lines that keep the tender rhythm moving & grooving subtly underneath.  All of this is great & the list could easily go on from the clever keyboard additions, to the perfectly played guitar solo, the remarkable percussion, committed performances, and outstanding production.  For the first forty seconds of purely instrumental music, Through Infinity quickly grabbed my attention through the dreamy sound they created without a single word being uttered – this is some serious magic that the band is working with.  Throughout the full length of their latest single, the band never lets up and provides a completely flawless performance that’s built on smooth sound, passion, control, and immaculate professionalism.

Now…follow along with me here, cause this story is about to get even cooler.  Mario was certainly brought in for many great reasons…I think he starts off on solid enough ground at the beginning of “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza),” but the level of talent that he’ll display by the end of this tune as it progresses, will absolutely drop your jaw in awe as he reaches for spectacular heights and continually succeeds.  He’s got some incredibly soulful tones, an emotionally sincere approach, and a magnificent rasp & power when he wants to throw himself into that extra gear – Mario does it all with precision and real heart.  From what I’ve read online…Through Infinity has now kept him very busy and brought him into the fold completely; they’ve already begun recording a whole bunch of new tunes…so be ready for that!

Because the final piece of the puzzle that I haven’t let you in on yet – is that this is actually the second-life for this particular song.  Originally released as an instrumental on Through Infinity’s debut album The Life that came out last year, they’ve made a wise decision in continuing to explore the further potential of their music and what it would be like with vocals added to it – and here we are now, with Mario at the mic for this new version of their song “Eliza.”  Now renamed to “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)” for this alternate collaborative effort, it’s a really smart way of finding the right vocal style/sound to match the energy of the music and complement the ideas they had started with to see if they could push their creativity, musicianship & songwriting even further.  And I’d certainly agree they’ve found what they’re looking for in Mario’s widespread range of hushed tones to unforgettable highlight notes & bold vocals.

With a solid in-studio video to watch that’s beautifully shot & edited to support this re-imaging of “Eliza” – Through Infinity is clearly at the start of an all-new chapter in their career.  They sound right at home, comfortable, and whole as a band on “Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)” – and I’d imagine it’s safe to say that it’s definitely an indication of great things to come from this ensemble of musical talent in the future.

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