The Woman Inside – “Attention Babe”

 The Woman Inside – “Attention Babe”

The Woman Inside – “Attention Babe” – Music Video Release/Review

Get ready to be tripped right out with this new video from The Woman Inside for the single “Attention Babe” – this artist has an undoubtedly mature style that is ready to push the boundaries of what you know on both a music & visual-level.  What’s going to be most surprising, is how many of you will likely find yourself more than willing to venture down the rabbit hole and find out more about what The Woman Inside has put out into the world, which will lead you to the highly interactive website, a whole bunch more videos and the recent release of the self-titled record from this project.  There’s a definite point of view being put forth by this activist/artist – highly relevant for today, which will no doubt connect to a ton of you out there that are looking for something bold & new.  For some, The Woman Inside will be shocking – for others out there, especially those that consider themselves open to a more, let’s say ‘alternative’ lifestyle…this will make you feel right at home.  And then there’s a whole other crowd of viewers/listeners that might just learn something about themselves by watching this video & listening to this song that they never even knew before – proceed with caution, you’ve been warned!

That being said…if you’re open to new experiences, I think you’re going to find that there’s something unique & refreshing about the way that The Woman Inside approaches music.  Highly artistic & wildly expressive – if you dig deeper and research into what this whole project is about, you’ll find LOVE is at the theme of its core every step of the way.  And while The Woman Inside may certainly challenge a lot of minds & hearts out there through this thought-provoking style & sound that could lead them to question what they know about love or how they define it – the world has proven several times over that there is an active audience ready to receive a message like this artist has to put out there.  With the fearless way that The Woman Inside approaches the art as a whole – the resounding confidence and the commitment of this artist will speak just as loudly as the music or the videos will.  Representing the underground proudly – the facts are that The Woman Inside is leading the way in a style of its own.  Are there people that will really dig this?  Absolutely.  Is it for everyone?  No of course not – but The Woman Inside already knows that…there’s no doubt about the polarizing content and its potential shock-value – there’s next to no chance whatsoever that you’ll feel indifferent about this video & artist…people will have an opinion…it will get them talking…which leads to discussion…which in turn, leads to evolution.  So while it might be out of the comfort-zone you typically find yourself in – some of the greatest & most enriching experiences you’ll ever have in your life are when you break free of your own constraints and embrace what you truly are…just like The Woman Inside has.

Salute from me.  Versatile artist and a versatile sound on “Attention Babe” that has elements of dark-electro, industrial, erotic, trip-hop, shock-rock…the list could go on & on.  You’ll never fit The Woman Inside into one single category, which is certainly part of the appeal of this intensely stylistic sound.  If you listened to “Attention Babe” on the SBS Podcast earlier today – then you’re already curious about what you’ll find in the video after hearing the song played on the show…and for the rest of you, I’m sure after everything I’ve said in this review, you’re just as curious by now.  Check out the brand-new video from The Woman Inside for the single “Attention Babe” below and find out what this artist is all about!

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