The Surgery – “Labyrinth”

 The Surgery – “Labyrinth”

Official Press Release

The Surgery – “Labyrinth”, released October 11th 2019

A dark drum and bass audio onslaught centred around the theme of youths escaping from their parent’s houses to attend a rave in a disused underground network of tunnels, based around a sample from 1938 Orson Welles record “The Shadow – The Creeper” and twisted top sound like the police are trying to shut down the illegal shennanigan following evidence found from an engineering map of the underground labyrinth.  The front cover was a project in itself as Jon built a spaceship tunnel for the artwork to summarize the content of all tracks on the release.

The release features 3 tracks, A. Labyrinth. AA. The Others AAA. The Others (Instrumental)

The b-side “The Others” debuts our new vocalist and mc named “Reptile”, and is about lamborgini spaceships, cyborg soldiers and just generally not sounding like all the mainstream bollocks.

The Surgery are composed of songwriter / producer “Jon”, record collector “Ali”, and vocalist / mc “Reptile”.

Listen to The Surgery’s new single “Labyrinth” at the official links below!




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