The Stroppers – “One-Eyed Suzy”

 The Stroppers – “One-Eyed Suzy”

I’m just gonna be frank with you all & tell ya exactly how I feel about this new live video from The Stroppers – I absolutely fuckin LOVE this.

Take a look at these notes that came along with the video…they went on to mention that this came from “…our guerrilla gig that we did out at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Sound quality is poor, but I believe the scenario makes up for that.”  How cool is that?  And how right they were!  AND truthfully…you gotta admire the courage for sending something out that you might think comes out sub-par…but in behind the screen over here, I’ve learned that this is actually quite often the indication of something seriously special.  Like it’s SO DAMN GOOD that you couldn’t help but put it out there into the world, know what I mean?

And this “One-Eyed Suzy,” well, folks…this is definitely a case of that.  This is rock-solid gold and the true spirit of what making music is really all about.  Take a look for yourself below…set in the stones of Colorado, The Stroppers have literally set up shop with the full intention to riff-rock the canyons and that’s EXACTLY what they did…

Live music never has, nor will it ever be, best represented by having every single note in-line, in-tune, or even on-time…sure it can be cool to see & hear that too from the right artist or band, but generally speaking, what the people truly want, is passion on display.  Watching Joel (vocals/guitar) and Jasmina (drums) go out there and just GIVE THESE MOUNTAINS THE BUSINESS without fear, and genuinely goin’ after this moment with pure intent to entertain – call me crazy, but it’s the kind of video & moment you just wish you could have been a part of.  Not even kidding, I’d do what The Stroppers are doing in this video every day of my life if I could & was worth half my weight in salt as a musician – these two HAVE the juice, the portable equipment, & the motivation – and they’re out there ROCKING the scenery & audience kickin’ it with’em.  I’m tellin’ ya…no musician, artist, or band could ever play a stadium any cooler than this setting right here.

Like I pretty much never guarantee anything in this world, but I’m about as close to that as I get when it comes to considering how much I think people will love watching this play out onscreen.  It’s LIVE AF in all the right ways – and quite honestly?  It’ll show you just how quickly they can adapt in the moment as well & stick with each other all the way through…Joel’s gonna have a moment where he loses the connection to mic; situations like these – many of you out there have been in them, you gotta act quick & rebound strong – and they totally do.  You’ll see Jasmina keep the ship steady right when it’s needed most, you’ll see Joel strut & riff his way over the rocks – you’ll see key moments of entertainment like that awesome chic that holds up the rock with her bare hands for a good thirty seconds, or the dude at the very end of the video who gets the close-up cameo moment he DESERVED!

I’m sure you get the point by now – this is good-times had by ALL…those that were there, those that are watching it via YouTube now…this is a moment in time, preserved (thankfully!) for all to enjoy, forever & ever, never again to be duplicated exactly as you’ll see it right here now.  THAT is the real embrace of the magic of music and letting it guide you towards awesomeness…The Stroppers are clearly ready & willing to get out there & entertain ya, wherever that may be!

We last heard from Joel & Jasmina back in 2017 when they were still rocking under the name Play Pretend – find out more about this new chapter of their music career as The Stroppers by visiting the official pages below!

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