The Proof – “Proof”

 The Proof – “Proof”

You want The Proof?

I mean…if it sounds like THIS homies, you KNOW we do!  Rappers Sirgin and ScoobRock combine forces & pass the mic as The Proof – and they make straight magic happen on the m-i-c on this solidly entertaining new single/video they’ve built & designed as a self-anthem of sorts, as they bust into the game in 2019 –  “Proof” is the truth y’all!  The beat slays to begin with – but it’s how these emcees use these bars to their advantage that’ll keep you continually impressed; complex & fluid flows that show skill & technique – they both bring essential ingredients to what makes “Proof” as genuinely lit as it becomes.  Pivoting & shifting like true veterans of the game already – this is actually The Proof’s first single from their upcoming album; considering that, you gotta hand it to these two comin’ straight out the box, ready to roll out to the top of playlists with such a professional & precision approach.  They got the finesse, style, and swagger that matters & makes the difference – The Proof is sounding like they’re already at the top of their game on this new single.

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