The MASH – “Misery Of You And Me”

 The MASH – “Misery Of You And Me”

The MASH – “Misery Of You And Me” – Single Review

You’re going to love this. Seriously…you wanna push play on that Soundcloud player below with the careful consideration that you’ll more than likely want to listen to this song daily. That might not seem like a huge deal…but I have to consider these kinds of first-world problems against the ever-running grains of sand in the hourglass of my life. I’m 35…let’s suppose I live to 100 years old – if I listen to this song even once per day (likely to be more for a long while) then believe it or not this one song alone becomes about a 100 HOUR commitment to take place during my lifetime.

Do you see the predicament I’m in? This is what happens when you amazing artists and bands decide to invade my playlists and make them your new home.

“Misery Of You And Me” could definitely be comfortable on a list like mine for years and years. I love the overhauled opening with the rising guitars, the drums to follow are perfect and sound crisp & clear…very much like a cross between the execution of Blink 182 with the atmosphere & melody of The Cure. It all sparks up quickly as the bass gets rolling and the main-line of the guitars breaks loose with intensity and beautiful tones.

What happens next…I wasn’t expecting…and I had to look into this band further just to see what was really going on with The MASH right around the time the vocals began to kick in. Where most music like this tends to have the male-lead singer – this didn’t sound like it did at all. I wasn’t completely sure…at the end of the day, it wasn’t so much that the voice sounded completely identifiable as male or female in particular…it just sounded innocent. Evoking the confusion of emotion in the lyrics through the performance, there’s actually a stunning performance being put in on this endearing indie-rock single. And yes – Juju is supplying the lead-female vocals on this track…and she’s awesome.

I continued to research and look into The MASH as I dove deep into repeat listens of the new song “Misery Of You And Me.” This band is from Subang Jaya of Malaysia? Whoa! I’m not sure we’ve made our way all the way over there yet…this has turned out to be more than an honour & privilege than just a listening! So…is this what’s going on in the music-scene of Malaysia right now? Cause if it is…book me a plane ticket…I want to go to there.

These three musicians are killing it. They rip through this new single with perfection and that magical spine-tingling feeling you get when your ears take in something truly special. The way Afir & Haziq’s guitars blend into a screeching melody is excellent and they put together a massively energetic rhythm for Juju to work her own magic upon. The chorus that they’ve built is just supremely huge and really captures the essence of emotions; love, longing, wanting, needing…and all from what sounds like a genuinely real perception. It’s all expressed amazingly well through this captivating & heartfelt performance.

As sad as some of the words might be…with the contrast of the music you’d be more apt to sing-along than grab some tissues. Personally I’ve always loved the ability that music has to do that…and I know personally as a singer there’s not much more satisfying than the feeling of singing out the rough parts of life against music with energy like “Misery Of You And Me” has that allows you to really let it out. Smartly-written all the way through, The MASH break it down sweetly with synth-keys before letting this track out in a final full-bloom with excellent harmonies and everything jumping into the mix for the final blazing minute.

From everything I’ve checked out so far…not only is The MASH doing an excellent job on their latest catchy single, “Misery Of You And Me,” but you can find them bringing an excellence to all the rhythms they’ve taken on through other singles released online. It all sounds fantastically real and bursting with the enthusiasm of players that are truly happy to be making the music they love – you gotta love that.

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