The Little Wretches – “All Of My Friends” (Live)

 The Little Wretches – “All Of My Friends” (Live)

The Little Wretches – “All Of My Friends” (Live) – Single Review

I have never really done anything to earn the freedoms that we enjoy.  But I would like to honor the people who have sacrificed for my freedom by perhaps someday saying something worthy of freedom of speech, writing something worthy of freedom of the press, knowing people worthy of freedom of association…and you know, making freedom at least worth having.”  #truthsIcancompletelyrelateto

Couldn’t have said it better myself when it comes right down to it – and those words make for a fantastic introduction into The Little Wretches live-single “All Of My Friends.”  You get that immediate sense of Folk music at its best – the counter-culture kind that has a point of view & perspective, and you’ll certainly hear that aspect come alive through the insightful layers of wisdom in the lyricism.  A quality tune through & through…it’s built within the comforting framework of a classic approach to Folk music when it comes right down to it, but there’s no doubt that The Little Wretches are completely able to set itself apart from the rest through the lyrical detail you’ll find at work here.  Detailing a whole list of people you probably know yourselves – or at the very least, people just like’em – “All Of My Friends” addresses the many people we seem to know that just don’t think like the rest of the kids in the ol’ sandbox, you feel me?  “All of my friends are on somebody’s list of undesirables and anarchists – it’s not even safe to admit that you’re one of my friends” – like – I LOVE this!  We’d be here all day long if I kept on quoting from The Little Wretches, that much I can promise ya…there’s a brilliant dose of levity and cleverness combined in a song like “All Of My Friends” that becomes one of those experiences you’ll feel sling its arrows all over a map of targets, yet also seems to find a few of’em drifting closer to home than some of you might wanna admit.  Musically it’s well-played…melodically it’s well-structured…and considering the live-aspect, The Little Wretches make this work perfectly from the stage by adding generous amounts of personality through the vocals you’ll find.  Ultimately, all the right boxes are ticked and the skills all check out, even if the music is far removed from what’s going to be the most genuinely memorable aspects of this single, which I’m most certain it is.  Facts are the facts folks…and y’all know I just call it like I hear it – it’s the lyrical aspect of The Little Wretches that is going to separate it out of the sea of sameness when it comes to the genre.  Yes, even in that respect, there are still comparisons that could be made and artists/bands that have walked this path of semi-sarcastic humor & insightful lyricism combined via highly poetic means – but we’re talking about the all-star level of that whole deal when it comes to what you’ll find in a track like “All Of My Friends.”  Some of it’ll make you laugh…some of it might even make you mad…some of it could very well be the most honest & direct, unfiltered truths you’ve heard in a song – the reality is, polarizing & thought-provoking songs like this always have an audience of listeners out there more than willing to debate the back & forth of it all, and this will greatly satisfy both critics & fans alike in that regard.  I think you have to really factor in the intro that comes along with it to fully understand the real perspective The Little Wretches are coming from – chances are, this song is actually much more on your side than you’d realize, even if it’s accomplished by pointing out the opposite side of the scenario to make its points.  At the end of the day, there’s a core value of acceptance at the heart of this song that shouldn’t be missed…that even the wackiest people we know, play a significant role in our lives somewhere along the line…and dammit, we all love’em for that, don’t we?  “All Of My Friends” could just as easily be about your crazy uncle, or the conspiracy theory lovin’ aunt you have – it could be just as easily be about the smartest people you’ve ever known and looked up to in this life – and that’s kind of the real beauty of it all…it’s only the outside perspective that ever really knows which one we truly are.  As in, maybe you’re the people being sung about, or maybe you’re the one doing the singing – but unless you’re really sure as to what side of the mirror you’re standing on and 100% sure each and every person you know feels exactly the same way as you do (spoiler alert – they don’t!) – then just remember that the craziness you see within others, is the same way they see you too.

I had a riot listening to the words of “All Of My Friends” – and I’d be willing to bet that you will as well.  The craft involved is undeniable from the melody in the music, to the art of the wordsmith being thrust straight into the spotlight on a song like this – “All Of My Friends” makes for a wonderfully thought-provoking experience that you’re not likely to forget any time soon.  Plus…I mean…if this is what it would be like to check out a live show from The Little Wretches, I think they just sold a few more tickets.

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