The L.A.W. – “Love Crazy” Feat. Butter Wesley

 The L.A.W. – “Love Crazy” Feat. Butter Wesley

The L.A.W. – “Love Crazy” Feat. Butter Wesley – Single Review

Alright…this completely works.

The L.A.W. probably has more style in his pinky-finger right now than most emcees will grow to possess throughout their entire lifetime.  His new single, “Love Crazy” was a track I grew to dig quickly…The L.A.W. brings it to the mic with an old-school vibe that sounds like an incredible breath of fresh air right now.  Modern-day rap has sunk to new-lows of inaudible wordplay, but hip-hop has always been a reliable source of clarity in all forms – and you get a solid dose of support for that argument through what The L.A.W. is bringing to the table with “Love Crazy.”  You combine that with the R&B/Soul rhythms of the vocal-melodies from Butter Wesley…and I think you’ll agree…there’s something special to this combination; it completely works.

Because a real rapper, whether we’re talking about rap or we’re talking about hip-hop or basically any genre in between’em…is just as much about timing and precision as they are with the words themselves.  That’s the real magic of The L.A.W. here on these verses throughout “Love Crazy” – this guy pivots and shifts like the Air Jordan of words…the phrasing is creative, the flow is complete solid-gold…the balance between the strength of the verse and the chorus is absolute perfection.  It’s not just about the clarity; The L.A.W. isn’t trying to break any speed-limits here, so those words do come out perfectly clear – but it’s about the writing as well.  Listen to the way these words flow from one set to another, where the pauses are, where The L.A.W. creates space and paces the metering out with professional-precision…that’s talent right there.  You hear a real emcee in command here on “Love Crazy” – I think The L.A.W. demonstrates confidence and ability from the lefts to the rights, and he does what he does to the best he can possibly do it, every time.  I haven’t heard anything else by the guy…but I can definitely say that this is the kind of track that makes me easily want to hear more if he’s doing it this well.

Whether it’s The L.A.W. putting perfect expression, emotion and tone into his vocals, or the added sweet, sexy & angelic vocals from Butter Wesley – the combined atmosphere and sum total of their efforts has truly yielded a stunning result.  “Love Crazy” sparkles with real flow, relentless rhythm and a deep narrative through the lyrics that keeps the song as catchy as it does people listening to the story being told.  Butter adds a perfect texture to the atmosphere…living on the inside of just a slight amount of reverb on her voice to make it sound even more dreamlike, she sounds perfect but unique as well.  I like the approach she’s taken to her parts whether roaming sweetly through the chorus or taking a moment in the spotlight, I really appreciated the uniqueness in her voice…she’s different somehow, but in all the right captivating and mesmerizing ways.

So to sum it all up…I think they’ve stumbled onto something that really works here.  I mentioned that right?  Couple times?  Okay…I’ll move on…  I suppose what I’m saying is that from the beat, samples & performance, to the writing and the collaboration of real talent between two artists…well…I’d hope to see this recipe made a couple times throughout the future of my speakers personally.  I really dig the smoothness to this entire vibe…The L.A.W. and Butter Wesley have kept it chilled but grippingly captivating throughout the entire track and hopefully, they’ll hear the same things I do and find a way to collaborate again in the future.  Because again, this WORKS, and HA I didn’t say it in ALL-CAPS yet, so it’s like saying something brand-new, but not…don’t judge me.  Besides…hitting up The L.A.W.’s page at Soundcloud reveals a whole bunch more tracks that these two talents have collaborated on together…I’m excited to check out what that sounds like and I’m gonna do that right now.  That’s the real power in a great single & first experience…it leads someone directly to the catalog to check out the rest out of genuine interest – and I’m genuinely interested in this.

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