The Dolan Band – “She’s Mine”/”You Do This To Me”

 The Dolan Band – “She’s Mine”/”You Do This To Me”

The Dolan Band – “She’s Mine”/”You Do This To Me” – Singles Review

I see four men with respectable beards in the promo pics I’ve found on the net for The Dolan Band, so you know they’re plenty cool with me.  Just so happens they can put together a killer tune as well!

If you’ve been reading these pages for the last several years, then there’s no hiding the fact that this is a style of music that’s typically outside of my personal preference for the most part…Blues is always tough for me, Rock can leave me indifferent…BUT…a lil’ soul can go a long, long way – and that’s what’s making the experience of listening to The Dolan Band completely worthwhile.  Exceptionally talented, tight, inventive and fresh – they work a familiar vibe for everything it has to offer, and give this style of Blues/Rock/Country/Americana…whatever you want to officially call it…they put genuine SOUL into their sound and they’re clearly bringing their A-game.  I’ve checked out several tunes beyond the two I’m talking about here in review today – and from what I can see & hear, this band really has the magic and always has.  Plus if you get to check out one of their live vids, you’ll see they make this whole music thang look seriously cool – they do a fantastic cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.”  Overall, it’s really hard to resist the charm and allure of the way these guys play and put their heart into these tunes…my style or not, your style or not, you gotta respect musicians that go as all-in as these guys do.  When a band outside of your normal genre or listening-preference is as good as The Dolan Band is, it’s actually pretty easy to understand the universal appeal of music that can penetrate the walls you’ve got set up to protect your playlists – this band deserves some real credit for the way they play together.  There’s mad crossover potential here…I can attest to that personally, because I feel like these two singles, “She’s Mine” and “You Do This To Me” gave me every reason to keep on listening to The Dolan Band.  Good music is good music – we say that right on the front page of our site & I’ll always believe it.

Of the two tracks, I probably lean a little more towards “You Do This To Me,” but we’d be talking about a fraction – The Dolan Band has no audible issues that can be heard on either of these cuts and bring an electric performance to both.  “She’s Mine” feels a bit more straight-ahead I suppose by comparison, but I think again, we’re splitting hairs.  The execution in this band is all aces from what I can hear – and a single like “She’s Mine” is pretty much guaranteed to pack the dance-floor…can’t complain with that.  Loved the guitar solos, loved the short drum breakdown, loved the vocals, loved the vibe overall – “She’s Mine” is actually quite a focused tune from beginning to end both musically and lyrically.  As a result, The Dolan Band pulls you in quickly on this cut, moving stylistically through the verse and taking it up a notch even further into the chorus.  There’s something seriously flashy in the mix here…I couldn’t escape the fact that something about the way this song was designed felt like something close to “Simply Irresistable” with big giant cowboy boots on instead of a whole bunch of suits & ties.  Obviously completely different songs – I get that – but yeah…something similar in the highly stylistic sound.  The keyboard organs in the mix – don’t think I don’t hear ya – you’re rockin’ it back there for sure as well.  I’ll admit – “She’s Mine” is definitely one of those tunes where you can definitely notice the skill level of the band without question, but I gotta say, still tough to get to it all in the sense that the sensational vocals up front really do grab your attention…lots of great stuff goin’ on & everybody is holding their own, but those vocals are killin’ it boys!  Major strengths on the mic for The Dolan Band…you’ll hear it on “She’s Mine” & “You Do This To Me” – but if you need more proof somehow, again, see “Tennessee Whiskey.”

I found when it came to “You Do This To Me,” that the band ended up in a really cool gear that worked wonders.  Bit more attitude, bit more swagger, bit more meat on the bone when it came to this idea overall.  That being said, if I like it more, chances are they’ll wanna stick with “She’s Mine” as the single – that’s just the Murphy’s Law of my life – but make no mistake, “You Do This To Me” is the kind of song that’s gonna last you longer, mark my words.  C’mon now…be honest…you know how you are; you’re gonna dive right into the flashy hooks of “She’s Mine” and spin it over & over for the rest of the year – but come next year, you’ll find you were never able to wear the shine off “You Do This To Me” no matter how many times you’ve listened.  Alright alright…if I’m being completely honest with ya, there’s a solid chance you won’t be able to put any wear & tear on either of these tunes…but again, we’re talking fractional amounts of difference here and when a band is this hot and on the money, I gotta come up with SOMETHING to say right?  Strong guitar hooks once again, solid rhythm & groove, loved the addition of piano into the mix on “You Do This To Me” – the verse has excellent movement and I’d argue they’ve got an even more powerful chorus on this cut.  Again…endless arguments to be had over which of these tunes a person might like more…I can make a case for both, but the bottom line is, The Dolan Band doesn’t make music that anyone out there is going to be indifferent about.  You notice this band…this is a memorable crew that has exceptional talent and they’re truly owning it in these two songs.  Listen to that comeback around the 2:45 mark of “You Do This To Me” and the innovative ways they play with the instrumentation on their way back into the chorus before the end – awesome right?

Amazing energy and seriously great tunes that have real SOUL in the vocals and passion on display at all times in the music…they’re as skilled as they are entertaining…and now they’ve got another fan on their bandwagon.  I’ll make room for more of you…I have the feeling The Dolan Band is gonna need the space.

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