The Crash Recovery – “Always Beside You”

 The Crash Recovery – “Always Beside You”

The Crash Recovery – “Always Beside You” – Single Review

Now…suppose I was to tell you that a little fluffy white dog named Potsticker was essentially responsible for the sounds you’re about to hear…would you think I’m crazy?  What if I took it even one step further and told you that the same dog is also blessed with a massive skillset of computer-programming abilities…and that this band, The Crash Recovery, wouldn’t be functional without’em…how about then – am I nuts?  Silly mortals…you probably DO think I’m off my rocker…well you just wait until I tell you that the three humanoid-looking musicians are actually androids…

Alright…perhaps it’s just a cleverly written bio that I’m absorbing and fully digging-on as I research this exciting new band…but I like to go with a good story when it’s told by creative minds such as these.  Even the names of the players in The Crash Recovery are awesome, check these out…you’ve got Syren Franco (Vocals), ORA-01403 (Keys) and good ol’ reliable 404 Not Found (Guitar).  C’mon people…this is a bio worth a read-over!

And quite fortunately – it’s not all just gimmickry or I’d personally put a stop to the oiling of these machines myself – the music of The Crash Recovery is really, really damn good!

I love it when bands get right into their music and make it more than just something to hear.  The Crash Recovery have certainly achieved that with a rad mythology that is sure to pull you in just by reading about them…and hearing their music will certainly retain you as a fan – of this I have no doubt.  Their brand-new single “Always Beside You” has an atmosphere so thick & so rich in textures & tones that you can reach out and touch it as it comes through your speakers to surround you.  Mystical music with real depth to the writing reigns supreme with this unique band of 3.5 members…and I like it…a lot.

Somewhere in the middle of bands like Massive Attack, Portishead and The Cure – there’s all kinds of reasons to love what you’re hearing from their writing to performance.  People themselves often doubt the power of a good three-piece band…but musicians know it’s quite the opposite.  There is nowhere to hide any kind of weak-link in a three-piece band…not even a three-and-a-half piece band where a dog is at the helm of the controls; and if there was such, you all know me well enough to know I’d find it.

But you simply cannot find what does not exist.

“Always Beside You” is a perfect example of three incredible talents forming a much greater sum than their individual parts might allow for – they all shine in their own way throughout this misty-music.  Whether it’s the guitars and their surreal tones that pull you in, the rise & fall of the pulse of the atmospheric keyboards or the emotionally powerful lyrics combining with the intense layering of the lead & background vocals – The Crash Recovery have certainly written a noteworthy tune here that many of our readers out there are certain to love.  You all come here for the bizarre…the mysterious…the quirky, offbeat and unique…and this band is ALL of those wonderful attributes combined in beautiful, soul fulfilling harmony.  “Always Beside You” audibly floats through the air like a fog-laden memory…or a thought that is just escaping your grasp…a dream perhaps that’s right on the edge of a nightmare…maybe more like a concept we heard but are yet to understand…  There’s so many ways you could describe what you’ll hear in this new single from The Crash Recovery…but at the end of the day, we’ll all draw to the same conclusion I assure you – it’s fantastic.

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