Thálassa – “Eolus”

 Thálassa – “Eolus”

Sign me UP for this!  Thálassa creates music so beautiful, even the scenery surrounding them in the video has to shine its brightest just to compete for your attention.  Thankfully, you don’t have to split your affections…you can simply push play on the latest by Thálassa to enjoy it audibly AND visibly.

Through the spectacular technique & tone of Mauri Gómez and Jose Miguel Galera, this duo brings the serenity of sound straight to you through their new single “Eolus,” which boasts a stunning Mediterranean flavor to the atmosphere & vibe of this Spanish Guitar-based instrumental melody.  As peaceful as it is entertaining, and every bit as enchanting as it is engaging – Mauri and Jose make pure magic together throughout “Eolus” and keep us locked in on every moment through the crystal clarity & highly-skilled musicianship radiantly on display.  Essentially, you’d have to be made of stone not to be moved somehow by the passion they play with, or the kinship & chemistry they reveal onscreen through their video – “Eolus” is a wonderful experience.

Word on the street according to what I can see online, is that Thálassa is currently working hard on a brand-new album for release at some point in time this year, so keep your eyes & ears open for that.  From the sound of things on “Eolus” they’ve got a truly special & meaningful style of instrumental music that’s more than capable of moving hearts & minds out there, and I’m absolutely stoked to hear more from these two in the future.  Watching this video they’ve got supporting “Eolus” really takes your breath away in all the splendor you’ll see…it’s a perfect visual complement to the sound of the music, and a genuine reflection of the spirited & inspired, warm & friendly vibe they share together.  Gorgeous stuff all-around…I love the instrumentation, I love the tone, the structure, and the complexity of the composition & how they play this all so perfectly…”Eolus” is a flawless & memorable moment in time.

Like a dream you don’t have to have only while you’re sleeping, you can put this single on at any point in your day & float along harmoniously with the inviting music & aura of Thálassa – “Eolus” is beauty defined from sight to sound; they’ve done an exceptional job on this video & single they should be plenty proud of, it’s a genuine pleasure to listen to, watch, and experience in every conceivable way.

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