SBS Live This Week 048

 SBS Live This Week 048

Absolutely rad time with Pete, Ryan, Rick, Dave and Corey of Whiskey Kings and I’m proud to present these guys to you all today on SBS Live This Week.  This band from Vancouver exceeded all expectations in an awesome interview and performance – we got about ten or eleven tunes from WK all in all throughout the day’s jam at the old SBS BC location…and we’ll show you three of those on the show today!  You’ll see them letting it rip right from the drop, catching a groove in the middle…and then taking no prisoners with a performance of a new-single called “Get Over It” that will SPANK you with sound like you’ve misbehaved for the year…but you haven’t been, you’ve been good & we know it…and that’s why we’ll unleash this beast and give it to you, real-style.

Catch spotlights on the inventive & innovative music of both Revolushn and JackPotLuck as we take the recent reviews here on the page even further today in the show.  Check it out!


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