The SBS Top 10 Of 2022: #08 – Underlined Passages

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #08 – Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation Two dudes from Baltimore, and one incredible band that is well on their way to the success they truly deserve.  Michael Nestor and Jamaal Turner of Underlined Passages have been making waves with their latest record Neon Inoculation, and justifiably so when […]Read More

Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation

Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation – Album Review Inoculation just has the one N up at the front eh?  Well…ya learn somethin’ new every day now don’t ya. Having loosely been a part of a two-piece band myself since back in the early 2000s, I’ve always felt a natural kinship with the music of Underlined […]Read More

Underlined Passages – “Couples Therapy”

Underlined Passages – “Couples Therapy” – Single Review You don’t forget a name on a record like Underlined Passages’ Tandi My Dicafi, which I reviewed back in 2017 – that much I can tell ya for sure.  Amazing how much can happen within just a mere four years though ain’t it?  The world is practically […]Read More

Underlined Passages – Tandi My Dicafi

Underlined Passages – Tandi My Dicafi – Album Review A duo based out of Baltimore, Underlined Passages combines the talents of Michael Nestor on guitars & vocal duties and Jamaal Turner on the drums.  With a brand-new album about to come out on September 15th of this year from the Mint 400 Records label, Tandi […]Read More