The SBS Top 10 Of 2022: #08 – Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation

 The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #08 – Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #08 – Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation

Two dudes from Baltimore, and one incredible band that is well on their way to the success they truly deserve.  Michael Nestor and Jamaal Turner of Underlined Passages have been making waves with their latest record Neon Inoculation, and justifiably so when you consider the fact that it’s completely loaded with compelling indie spirit, single-worthy songs, and a ton of heart put into a lineup of evocative tracks.  Having had a listen to them back in 2017 when they released their record Tandi My Dicafi, it was already apparent that this incredible duo of talents were onto something special, and hearing their authenticity come shining to the surface of Neon Inoculation was remarkable in every way.  It’s great to hear a band surging into their prime, and that’s definitely what they’re doing with their latest record – join us in congratulating Underlined Passages for creating a powerful lineup of unforgettable songs this year!

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