Troy Lindsey – “One Drop”

Troy Lindsey – “One Drop” – Single Review Well…if there’s one thing that can certainly be said for Troy Lindsey it’s that he always manages to keep it interesting.  We’ve reviewed songs from this artist in the past multiple-times with different results as Troy’s been experimenting with collaborations and testing the waters with different ideas […]Read More

Troy Lindsey – “Runners” Feat. Eden Moody

Troy Lindsey – “Runners” Feat. Eden Moody – Single Review Troy Lindsey returns to our pages with a brand-new muse to assist him in his latest single “Runners.”  Troy’s strengths have always shown in his writing through the past music we’ve reviewed, back when he was formerly accompanied by the talented Bosaya.  While Troy has […]Read More

Troy Lindsey – “It’s Not Your Fault”

Troy Lindsey – “It’s Not Your Fault” – Single Review As I’ve often mentioned here at sleepingbag – it’s always interesting to see & hear what people find themselves compelled to write about. Life is such a short and ridiculous thing, that short of being the Rolling Stones or U2, the chances of even making […]Read More

Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “Outlaw Love”

Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “Outlaw Love” – Single Review I was relieved to see that looking into the posting of this single to Troy Lindsey’s social-media/Facebook page yielded the answers to the questions I had about this new song “Outlaw Love” he’s put out. Some of you out there are already aware of my […]Read More